A company hires a person who stole $600 million worth of cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency company Poly Network was hacked a week ago by a hacker who took advantage of a loophole in the network and stole $600 million worth of cryptocurrency, but he soon returned it again for the company to employ

The company awarded the hacker a $500,000 prize for discovering the vulnerability, in addition to appointing him in a consulting position to be an advisor to the director of the digital security and protection department.

The Poly Network processes digital transactions between different platforms and blockchain systems, and when a person took advantage of a loophole in the network that helps him to withdraw a large amount of digital currencies for himself, he did not wait for any opportunity to do so, but then decided to return the money, perhaps because of the ability to reconvert it to official currencies such as Dollar or desire to obtain a position after negotiations with the network.

The hacker calls himself Mr. White Hat, and the company says it had ongoing conversations with him during the hack and shared his concerns about network security and security, as well as launching a comprehensive development strategy to avoid such breaches. After that, the company offered him the position in the company, in addition to the financial prize of $500,000.

The network usually works to give hackers or protection specialists sums of up to 500 thousand dollars in the event of discovering holes in them, which is the amount granted to the hacker Mr. White Hat refused him at first, but insisted on giving him the money along with the new position and the freedom to dispose of the money.


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