A new event for the tech giant Apple will be launched tomorrow, November 10

A new event for the technology giant Apple will be launched tomorrow, November 10, to unveil the first generation of devices that are based on the company’s processors with ARM architecture, and in the next lines we review the most important announcements expected from Apple tomorrow.

A 13-inch MacBook Air and a MacBook Pro

Some sources confirmed that Apple is preparing to launch two 13-inch MacBooks, with the first version being the MacBook Air, and the second version is the MacBook Pro.

It is decided that Apple will support these devices with processors based on the Apple A14 chip used in recent iPhones and iPads, as Apple aims to support new devices with better performance and lower energy consumption through these processors, and Apple also brings the new MacBook higher standards in protection and artificial intelligence.

MacOS Big Sur Update

Expectations also confirm that Apple is preparing to review the features that launch the macOS Big Sur update, which comes to support new devices based on processors designed from Apple, which comes with Rosetta 2 and Universal 2 to support the smooth transition from Intel processors to Apple processors.

Rosetta 2 is slated to support x86 apps running on new Apple devices, while Universal 2 will support developers to build apps that work with x86 and ARM.

Big Sur update also supports developers to bring iOS and iPadOS applications onto the macOS platform without any modifications, with the aim of supporting mac users with a distinct experience with a wide range of applications.

Also, in addition to the features provided by Apple in the Big Sur update for new ARM devices, the update also comes to support Mac devices running Intel processors with a wide range of improvements.

It is reported that Big Sur was launched in June, and the public release is scheduled to launch with radical reforms in the software interface of the macOS platform, as the update includes a new control center, with a new center for notifications, and the update of messages and maps.

MacBook size of 16 inches

Reports that came via Bloomberg and analyst Ming-Chi Kuo confirmed that Apple will present at the upcoming event the 13-inch MacBook, while the Bloomberg report indicated that Apple is also planning to unveil a 16-inch MacBook Pro during the event, but some expectations indicate That Apple next year introduces the MacBook Pro in size of 14.1 inches and 16.1 inches.

Apple is also expected to unveil the new display technology for the first time on iPad Pro devices before it introduces the technology in MacBook devices.

AirTags tracking device

Previous leaks indicated Apple’s plans to announce AirTags at the company’s event held in October to announce the new iPhone series, but the company decided to postpone the announcement despite previous leaks that confirmed the start of mass production in September.

The AirTags tracking device features a design that simulates a coin, and the device also supports locating devices that include the U1 chip, which was introduced in the iPhone 11 phones.

AirPods Studio headphones

Headphones AirPods Studio are the first version of headphones that come from Apple according to what came from leaks so far, however, Apple has postponed announcing the headphones until now, due to some problems in the design of the headphones, so some expectations come to indicate the possibility of detecting the headphones During the event, while other leaks indicate that Apple will postpone the announcement of the headset until 2021.


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