A set of Galaxy Buds PRO features were spotted

The Korean giant is preparing to launch a new version of the wireless headphones soon, entitled GALAXY BUDS PRO, and the latest leaks have confirmed that the wireless headphones come with some hidden and amazing features.

Some leaks recently shed light on the company’s upcoming version of the GALAXY BUDS PRO wireless headphones, as the leaks indicate that Samsung is offering this version with an active noise cancellation feature, and today the latest leaks show some features blocked in the wireless speaker.

New features hidden in the GALAXY BUDS PRO wireless headphones include an automatic mode that recognizes the surrounding environment, with 3D sound.

The @TheBone page also revealed that the app for the GALAXY BUDS PRO wireless headphones will feature active noise reduction, with a special pattern to reduce noise in the external environment.

And also an environmental style that supports the user in interacting with his surroundings, and the wireless speaker will support an automatic environmental pattern that allows the perception of the user’s surrounding environment and then works to stop the noise canceling feature automatically when the user starts talking.

The user will also be able to activate the ambient noise control features through the Bixby digital assistant, on the other hand, expectations indicate that the 3D acoustics feature will be available for devices running Android 11 and the OneUI interface.

The GALAXY BUDS PRO wireless headphones also come with an equalizer that will support the tri-band tuning of the acoustics in the speaker.

The leaks that have come so far indicated that the Galaxy Buds PRO wireless headset is launched from Samsung with the design features of the Galaxy Buds Plus, and the new version also comes with a more effective system in canceling active noise, and it is expected that the wireless speaker will be announced during the Galaxy S21 event scheduled to be held during Next January.


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