Learn all the characters, regions and gangs in Cyberpunk 2077

We are getting closer and closer to the desired launch date for Cyberpunk 2077, and with that there are increasing fears that the nightmare will occur for the players, which is to postpone it to 2021, but I will not talk today about these matters, but rather I will inform you about many characters in the game and a lot of information about the regions And there is no objection to some simple definitions for those who do not know the game, let’s go.

Cyberpunk 2077 first revealed

Cyberpunk 2077

Before I go into those details, I will talk to you about the initial and dazzling disclosure of the game Cyberpunk 2077 and when it was revealed, Cyberpunk 2077 was first announced in 2012 and which received great attention at its time, with the style of the Cyberpunk and the disclosure of the game with a cinematic announcement in 2013, The hype for the game has only continued to grow in the years since the exciting revelation, every now and then we get something exciting and new or a bit dense information, but how much do we really know about the game so far?

What Cyberpunk 2077 will need from powerful hardware!


We haven’t seen Cyberpunk 2077 at its full graphic potential yet, when we saw choppy gameplay earlier this month, graphics are always set at 1080p to maintain performance, so it’s hard to tell just how beautiful the game will be when it arrives at the PC and home devices. Later this year.

Since the game is for some high-end computers, it is likely that Cyberpunk 2077 will push its next-generation graphics to their limits, CD Projekt Red assured investors that Cyberpunk 2077 will indeed come on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, but the game will not fully benefit from next-generation hardware. Until an update is released that fixes all of this in 2021.

If you play on a PC platform, you will need a powerful gaming PC with support for DirectX 12, the DirectX 12 interface allows developers to maximize video game graphics and enable ray tracing, which is what Cyberpunk 2077 has promoted greatly in the recent period.

Most computers produced after 2015 have this compatibility (with DirectX 12), so if you purchased a computer in the last five years, you should be in luck, otherwise it might be time to upgrade.

The characters and the story of the game

Cyberpunk 2077-

Cyberpunk 2077 takes place in Night City, a sprawling mega-city located in northern California in the future. In the game, players play the role of V, a customizable protagonist who can join one of three life paths to define their journey through the game’s world. As a Nomad, Street Kid, or Corporate player, V will embark on various missions tailored to their V background, available weapons, and character options.

While each track has a different V introduction to the game based on these life paths, their overall goal is to focus on V and Jackie obtaining the “immortality slice” that Arasaka is one of the biggest companies of the future stolen.

Johnny Silverhand


The game takes strong inspiration from RPG role-playing games but is based on this element a lot, one of the most important characters in Cyberpunk 2077 is Johnny Silverhand, a rock player who is supposed to have died after an attack on the headquarters of the giant Arasaka banking company, Johnny Silverhand will appear in Cyberpunk 2077, where He will appear as the voice of a “digital ghost” in V’s head and guide him during his journey in Night City, while not much is known about the main role of Johnny Silverhand in the game’s storyline, it appears that he will be a stand-out character since he is said to have also a small part of the game to play with from Johnny’s perspective Let me introduce you to the rest of the characters in the game in more detail.

Jackie Welles

Jackie Welles

Jackie is the best friend and ally of the V character in the early stages of the game, he ran with Valentinos’ gang as a teenager, but he has since started single-handedly as a mercenary hoping to be the only rich mercenary in the Cyberpunk universe, and more specifically he has abandoned the usual crime like robbery. Because his mother found out, ”and this sentence can show you the truth and the actual personality of Jackie…“ Friendship, loyalty and family ties are what drive him. For Jackie, blood is always thicker than water. ”

I notice that Jackie is just like V, he is eager to go from small jobs to getting rich, and from the footage we’ve seen so far, it’s clear he’s going to get his chance soon.

Dex DeShawn – Rich and Danger!

Dex DeShawn

CD Projekt Red described him as one of the most dangerous people in Night City and he is notorious as he knows everything and everyone in this miserable city, this means that he deals in illegal contracts of all kinds, and these jobs bring a lot of money to him in fact, when you start your game in Sometime dear reader, do not be surprised when you see someone like this driving the finest car with luxurious interior red leather chairs, you will or not you will see Dex he is a strong character in the game world with all the perks he brings in illegal ways.

Although your eye is sure to be attracted to the golden bionic arm held below his right elbow, there is an adorable Easter egg hidden in his shoe, look closely and you’ll see the Golden Wolf logo taken directly from The Witcher, a series of games from CD Projekt Red too .

Maman Brigitte


Leader of the Voodoo Boys gang and tech expert, Brigitte has made some big promotions on herself to help her control and infiltrate networks, although she may seem humble in the real world but you don’t want to be entangled with her online, her skills in this matter make her a force to be reckoned with. In the digital world.



Placide is Brigitte’s right-hand arm as we say in the leadership of Brigitte, and she is a prominent figure in the Voodoo Boys … a character who cannot be manipulated in order not to kill you, and he knows a lot about hacking websites, and there is not much information about him yet.



Every person in the world of Cyberpunk is made a lot of improvements by adding weapons that he takes out of his body or the like, but it may be difficult to obtain these capabilities without surgery, and here comes the role of ripper docs and they are surgeons who are always present in the side streets who will provide you with what You need it for a much lower fee than formal operations, but these operations bring with them many risks.

Victor is one of those surgeons, so we doubt you’ll come back to him throughout the game while leveling up your body and electronic capabilities since the 2019 demo made V this surgeon take in planting various upgrades before the mission, so we wonder if that’s the way he becomes Johnny Silverhand like this?

TBug – your faded eyes!


When the game starts, TBug acts as the “chair person”, directing you from afar and providing you with tactical tips and layouts to help you navigate the most dangerous men in Night City, and as such it should be another sound you’ll hear a little while on your adventure.

Morgan Blackhand


He is a former mercenary and army personnel with experience in many operations, has a good reputation for accomplishing his missions and was hired by Militech to deal with problematic agents, and was part of the team that attacked Arasaka headquarters in Night City, which means that he He’s almost certainly a thing of the past as Johnny Silverhand.

Although it is unlikely that he will appear in person during Cyberpunk 2077 in some paths of life, he does have an in-game presence and I advise you when creating your character choose the Street Kid so that you see him before this tragedy, I think, but many rumors indicate that He was seen alive in the years that followed.

Lizzy Wizzy – Returning from Death


There is dedication to your profession and then there is Lizzy Wizzy. This singer committed suicide while working in a band called “Lizzy Wizzy and the Metadwarves” on stage during a concert and then was revived by the Trauma Team who replaced many parts of her body with electronic parts. Anyway, she’s still alive.

Learn about the regions of the precious Cyberpunk 2077 universe

Cyberpunk 2077-1

From what we’ve seen so far, the Cyberpunk 2077 map is full of things we can do, there have been concerns that Cyberpunk 2077 is relatively small when seated next to The Witcher 3, but developer CD Projekt Red is keen to point out that this is deceptive, Cyberpunk will take advantage of Interacting in the world always in a way that The Witcher couldn’t.

Huge multi-level skyscrapers dominate the night city skyline, some of them are basically stand-alone cities, don’t panic that the game is small, it’s much larger than you think, let’s mention the most important areas in Night City.



Described as the meeting point of money and crime and the perfect introduction to the world of Cyberpunk, it is a charming but dangerous urban jungle that mixes profligate money with courageous criminal acts. Colorful ads and eye-catching lights decorate bustling streets, but if you look closely you will find a more bleak reality.

It’s also the area we’ve seen the most so far where our hero V’s apartment can be found, and it looks like it starts our story, in terms of inspiration Watson has a lot of Asian folklore and this area used to be home to big companies as well, they’ve moved now, allowing Most of the population and gangs congregate there.

City Center

City Centre

If you want to see glass-covered skyscrapers and a clear vision of the future, then City Center is the best place for you, it is the place of giants and big companies and also the wealthy, so it is not missing anything, security is sure to be heavy there, rumors say that there is a weapon An abandoned, forgotten nuclear weapon sits underneath the Arasaka HQ ​​building.



Originally designed as a tourist site within the Night City, the area went into disrepair when the economy collapsed and the financiers withdrew as most of the area’s development had yet to be completed. It is now a slum in spite of all the cheerful billboards promising a brighter future. Deep Dive for 2019 is a place where reality and expectations collide, leading to a pile of disappointment. ”That means burning cars, vacant skyscrapers, and garbage covering roads.

But the region has its advantages. For starters, the back stalls are the ideal place to buy black market electronic parts and other rare and illegal goods.



A wealthy area where the wealthy reside, all this money leads to some interesting fashions that you will see a lot, and it does not contain many types of danger because it is secured due to the security guards and other features that these areas have.



This central area is home to a large community from Latin America, it is a suburban area with a lot of money, it is a lively place However, Heywood has a basic gang problem that can make this place dangerous to be in.

Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo is the reason why Night City is fully operational as it supplies the entire area with energy. This is an industrial area full of power plants and factories, so don’t expect to welcome tall buildings with neon and glass, the place is much more boring than that.

Orbital Air Space Center

Orbital Air Space Centre

We know very little about the Night City’s Aerospace Center, but it seems to be a place quite far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the place may be an airport of some kind, but not just for flights in the air; As the name implies, it is likely a place full of space stations on Earth.



You will quickly get to know the people in this place; It’s entire communities crammed into a skyscraper, a small, self-sufficient community that can function away from the rest of the Night City, our hero V has an apartment inside one of those skyscrapers in the Watson area, expect to see a few of the main characters in that area.


Cyberpunk 2077-2

The Night City is controlled by different gangs, I’ll remind you that our hero V is a mercenary who has to explore the city in an attempt to find pieces of rare and illegal technology that can help find the “slice of immortality” so you’ll get to know many gangs, let’s see Each gang and its abilities one by one.

The Maelstorm Gang always wears clothes made of chrome and leather and promotes themselves greatly using the Internet, many members of the gang suffer from cyberpsychosis, a disease caused by many technical improvements to the body, they view ordinary humans as weak and cannot communicate with them anymore … the gang is violent towards most of the other people and is always looking for drugs and new technology.

The Lizzies
This gang is obsessed with singer Lizzy Wizzy, Wizzy Lizzy committed suicide as I said above on stage and was brought back to life, as this news met with much joy from this gang after they thought that she died, they are obsessed with the singer and will not tolerate those who have reduced respect for their symbol or themselves.

The Mox
The Moxes call themselves “those who protect working girls and men” from violence and abuse. They are said to worship Elizabeth “Lizzie,” a former prostitute who owned a nightclub and treated all her employees well and protected them from danger.

Steel Dragons
The Steel Dragons Gang was founded by Yorinobu Arasaka (heir to the Arasaka Corporation) when learning of the company’s nefarious activities, he pledged to put an end to it at any cost his gang swore to destroy Arasaka Corporation and everyone representing that company.

Not much is known about Gang wraiths, they seem to be nomads who live in the Badlands, led by a person called the Dogkiller and are known to travel at night and attack enemies while they sleep, Gang wraiths use a bolstered cart called “Reaver” to patrol their area.

The Voodoo Boys
This gang grew up and lived in the Pacifica region, they can be easily identified through their tattoos and the frightening appearance of them like the bones in their noses and ears, the gang is known for being extremely violent, they torture the victims in order to perform some rituals on them and stir terror, Voodoo does not have Boys compete directly with any other gangs, but they still attack people without any real reason.

Led by the Sasquatch gang, the fastest and strongest among them … they value physical strength above all and avoid electronic promotions on their bodies, their pursuit of physical perfection led them to use nutritional supplements, testosterone and steroid, their so-called “juice”.

Tyger Claws
Tyger Claws have their origins in Japan and the gang lives in Japantown, they are backed by Arasaka and are known for their luminous tattoos and motorcycles, Tyger Claws prefer traditional Japanese weapons like Katana, and use martial arts rather than electronic enhancements to the body, it is rumored that this gang is A direct competitor to Steel Dragons.

6th Street
Formed by veterans to protect the inhabitants of Vista Del Rey in Night City, this gang has changed their motto to “Do justice in the city” now to serve their own goals.

The Valentinos are one of the biggest gangs in the Night City and mostly made up of members from Latin America, whose sole aim is to seduce the most beautiful women in town, the Valentinos family has their own code of conduct and meets four times a year to discuss their plans.

Bozos are a sovereign prank gang who don’t mind hurting people for the sake of entertainment, most of them have surgically altered their bodies to look like clowns and have long feet and lasting frowns, many of the Bozo gang are crazy and have been known to target victims from all over town (swipe to see all the pictures).

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