Amazon acquires Wendry’s podcast platform

The giant Amazon acquired today, Wednesday, one of the largest independent podcasts in the United States, Wonder.

Wendry Network announced that it will join the Amazon music platform, “Amazon Music”, in light of the latter’s acquisition of it; Amazon did not disclose the terms of the deal or its value.

A report from the Wall Street Journal recently indicated the expected deal price of nearly $ 300 million; Which means it is higher than what Spotify paid in its Gimlet Media acquisition last year.

And with a quick reading of the merits and the quality of the deal, we see that Amazon is seeking to achieve success similar to what Spotify has achieved over the past years. With its increased market expansion and focus on podcasting, which is a promising market in light of its adoption by large media outlets and platforms such as individuals.

In the same vein, podcasting platforms also find a way to profit without having to pay licensing fees in order to obtain copyright; Thus, it provides special content that you display to the public under the item of monthly or annual subscriptions, achieving a new source of revenue, as is the case with music tracks.

The e-commerce giant explained that there will be no change to the platform’s work for Windry’s audience and listeners, and after the deal closes, all the “odcast” records in the app favorites will remain intact, while she stressed that Wonder will be able to produce stronger content than what was presented today.


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