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Google officially launches Android 11 and unveils new update features

Google announced today, surprisingly, the final version of the new Android 11 update, so that the American company begins sending it to users of Google Pixel phones, starting with Pixel 2 phones, following the matter with a press release on its website, in which it revealed the most prominent features of the new update.

Update the Android system for this year, and unlike past years, it will not witness a delay in its arrival to the phones of other companies. Xiaomi, Oppo, OnePlus, Samsung and Realme have begun, parallel to Google, to send a trial version of the system to some of their phones in order to launch the final version as soon as possible.

Android 11 features

Android 11Redesign of the notification window

The new Android update will witness a comprehensive change in the notifications window, as it will be shown in groups according to their importance, and the notifications of chat applications will be separated at the top of the list in a separate group. Users of the latest versions of the system will be able to hide the app icons that send notifications from the notification bar, and they will also be able to customize each group according to their desire.

Floating bubbles for conversations

If you are a user of the Facebook Messenger app, you know well about chat heads or floating bubbles. These bubbles will soon be in all chat applications as Google will support them by default within the system and provide APIs for developers to exploit and use in their applications. Currently, the new feature is available in the default System Conversations application, Messages, and the Facebook application has dispensed with its own version of this feature and relied on the new Google API in the application version of Android 11.

Default screen recording app

No more third-party apps to record your phone’s screen. Starting with Android 11, there will be a default application within the system dedicated to recording the phone screen, with the ability to choose the audio source between the phone’s sound, the microphone, or both, and can be accessed easily through shortcuts from the notification window.

Control your other devices with just one click

Various home appliances have become a part of many people’s lives after their transformation into smart home devices, and linking them to smartphones has become essential. For this reason, Google decided to transfer control of other devices connected to the phone or the network to a new menu that can be accessed by holding down the power button.

Control the acoustics

You no longer need to go to the settings of each audio device connected to your phone to determine who is responsible for the sound, so you can go directly to the Media Player shortcut in the notification window and choose the audio output.

Wireless car connection

Google provided the Android Auto feature to connect Android phones to cars and share the phone screen with an interface dedicated to this matter since several previous versions of the system. The new update that Android 11 will bring here will dispense with the imperative to connect the phone via USB and the ability to activate the feature wirelessly.

Greater control over application permissions

Google will offer users of its new update more control over the permissions of applications through two new steps. The first will be by allowing the application to be granted access to the microphone, camera, location, or any other one-time permission that ends immediately with the end of the sensor’s use and before even closing the application (there is another option until closing the application). The second step is to automatically withdraw the permissions from the applications that are not used for a long time.

Better privacy for business phone users

If you own a phone that you have obtained from your business and that entity has full powers to control the phone, Google will allow you to create a Work Profile to isolate your personal life from your work life and the information that your business can access.

Faster security updates

Google is promising Android 11 users faster security updates by developing Google Play Services updates. Google believes that this will facilitate the filling of any gaps that could threaten the privacy and security of the user, especially as they do not need to update the system, but are available as an update of phone applications and take place in the background.

More updates for Pixel owners

Starting with Pixel 2, owners of Google Pixel phones will get some exclusive new updates, such as the ability to copy text and images in screenshots. The phone interface will also show application suggestions on the home page, along with a number of other features.

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