Google has released a feature to switch your Android phone to the earthquake detection system

The search giant has released a new feature for Android phone users, through which it supports users with early alerts when earthquakes are detected, and the Android phone has also been transformed into a system to measure the severity of albumin and detects earthquakes.

Marc Stogaitis, one of the engineers responsible for the Android platform software, stated that “the infrastructure for seismic detection, monitoring and alerting the public comes at a very high cost,” as not all people are registered to receive earthquake and earthquake warning messages, and he also added that such warning alerts come built-in. In an operating system that will reach a larger segment of users.

android earthquake alert system
The search giant has started cooperating with the US Geological Survey and the California Office of Emergency Services to support the sending of alerts on Android devices through the USGS system for possible earthquake alert, which is based on collecting information across 700 seismometers in California to determine when the earthquakes began. .
The Android Earthquake Alerts system comes to support spreading the same idea around the world, as Google is working through this system to bypass the problem of deploying networks and start an infrastructure to alert users to the possibility of earthquakes, as the Android phone works as a small scale for earthquakes, which supports the launch of the largest network to measure and monitor tremors Floor in the world.

Android Earthquake Alerts is also based on the use of an accelerometer sensor in Android phones to sense movement, which is sensitive to the P wave sensor, which is the first wave when earthquakes start, which is less harmful than the S wave.

The Android device will also send a message to the Google server, and then the server will collect data from other devices to determine the location and confirm the occurrence of earthquakes to alert users, and the feature is scheduled to be available in California now, and then more US states, provided that the feature is launched For more locations next year.

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