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New Android and iPhone games for this week

Today comes our last date for the best games, and as is our habit that we will not change, we are always and forever accused of new and powerful games that cause a rise in adrenaline, in which the user can occupy himself in his spare time and enjoy a lot, in general and as is the case with the best Android and iPhone games for the past week, The list for this new week is as follows.


The first games in this group, which are currently available to Android users only, are a global competitive game, as you compete with players around the world in a game full of movement and explosions, with more than 60 characters that you can collect, and you will have a lot of Power boosts, and of course the goal of the game is to reach the highest possible score, which means that your bomb-throwing skills should be fine if you want to compete efficiently, in turn the game is available for download for free.

2. Noa Noa

The next game, fortunately, is available on Android and iPhone, on all the game developed by Noodlecake Studios, providing a strange mixture of raising pets that resemble Tamaguchi and Pokemon animals, so you will not only get to raise unique creatures, but you will collect their eggs to see if You could have hatched more interesting creatures to raise them, to make this game a virtual university for pets, and by the way, it comes with a simple enough gameplay for any user to have, and it is available for download for free with support for internal purchases.

3. BE-A Walker

I note that this game is not free, provided that it is available for download at a price of $ 4.99, whether on Android or iOS, however, this game is the latest in action and fighting games, where the player will take the role of BE-A Walker, a robot whose mission is to defeat enemies and protect the population, However, the player has a choice between protecting people or joining enemies and taking over the planet, and the game definitely provides a lot of prairie, which is why we put it here.

4. Otherworld Legends

This new game is a continuation of the well-known game Soul Knight, or in other words, Otherworld Legends is just a remake of the game Soul Knight with some changes here and there, however with this new title you will explore new worlds such as bamboo canyons, the great underworld tombs or the dreamy mirage palace, and it will be You have to choose a character from the multiple characters provided by the game, with each character having a distinct fighting style, not to mention the advent of the game with a unique mixture of 2D and 3D art styles to form a bouquet of wonderful hand-drawn graphics, and by the way, the game is available for free download on both systems.

5. Outbreak Chamber

Another new game, which is available on Android only, is also available as an early access version, but it is very stable, as for its definition, it is a very fun sorting game, and your task will be to classify germs by color, and since these germs are constantly falling on Screen, your rating will be cut short, so you need speed and focus, and fortunately the game is free to download.

6. iMonster Classic – Hero Adventure

Another title available on Android and iOS, which is basically a roguelike RPG so the dungeons in the game are randomly generated, and you will start as a monster that has been summoned to save the demon king who has been captured by evil humans from the ruler’s tower, to be rotated The story is about growth, gathering, exploration, adventure, strategy and fighting, and unfortunately, although the game is free to download, there are internal purchases, and as you progress in the game, the difficulty will increase, which necessitates the need for purchase.

7. Dead Eye Deputy

Dead Eye Vice is the latest version of Crescent Moon Games, a simple, level-based shooting game, and all you have to do is drag the crosshairs over your enemies to shoot them, for its part, the game includes basic graphics and as you progress in the game things will get more difficult and the game will become more Speed, in turn, the game is available on both Android and iOS for free download, with support for ads and optional internal purchases.

8. Driving School Sim

Driving School Sim comes from Ovidiu Pop, a developer that is working on pumping mobile driving simulation games, so this game is the latest driving school to come with improved graphics and expanded content on the previous version in the series, and most importantly, support The game is now for a multiplayer system, which allows for more fun. In turn, the game is available for download exclusively for Android users, and it is free and supports optional internal purchases.

9. Bangbang Rabbit

Also, this game comes to owners of Android devices only, and during the next stage we will see it available on the other system iOS, which is a fun and easy fighting game where you can show your fighting skills, and you will have to complete missions and defeat enemies, and the game also comes with a full arsenal of weapons, armor and groups. An inventory of unique skills to help you survive, in turn the game is available for download for free with support for optional internal purchases.

10. Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower

The last game in this group, which is one of the fighting and strategy games, where you will fight in hundreds of stages and unique tactical challenges, with the help of Warhammer’s Age of Sigmar, in the same context, the game offers us more than 200 battles in 25 unique environments, and every day there is a task assigned You have to complete it, as well as progress

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