Apple and Cloudflare develop a new DNS protocol

The company, Cloudflare, specializing in the development of the Internet and networks, announced the development of a new DNS protocol, called Oblivious DNS, in cooperation with Apple and Fastly, which aims to raise standards of user privacy.

The new protocol will operate via HTTPS (ODoH) encryption and will be intended to encrypt the source of transmission of information to maintain user privacy without tracking.

Usually, the work of DNS is based on converting website names into an Internet protocol or code that can be dealt with; For example, when typing the name of the technology scientist “” in the browser, the browser sends a signal and converts the name to a protocol number such as “240.458.245.5” through the site’s DNS host server, and thus the server sends an opposite signal that makes the connected site the protocol It appears as a world of technology.

The previous process takes place in the background and takes only a few seconds, thus providing users with easy access to open their favorite sites by name only.

But the biggest problem with this process is that the server can track users’ movement and find out where they are by reading the DNS source.

Oblivious DNS aims to prevent hosting servers from simply tracking usage, thus contributing to maintaining user privacy.

The main problem usually lies in the presence of the hosting server, which can track the movement of users and collect data and information on their movement on the sites, which makes them able to sell the data easily to advertisers without regard for privacy. This means that the advertiser or anyone purchasing the data will know exactly how to target their users.

It may not seem possible to maintain complete privacy online, but Cloudflare strives for that and Apple’s cooperation is an important step.


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