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Important and useful features that the Apple App Store payment system provides to the user

Away from the problems and the violent attack on the Apple App Store, but its payment system, which is only allowed for use by application developers, is the best ever for the average user as this payment system provides a number of great features that we will review during the following lines to learn what It is provided by the Apple store payment system and why is Apple insisting on preventing any other payment systems on its store.

Apple App Store


Apple forces application developers who want to present their applications to iPhone users to work with the payment system for the App Store, and because Apple is keen on the privacy of its users, it processes all transactions for its users and provides application developers with their own money minus 30%, along with some anonymous and encrypted identifiers. So that the developers can link what has been purchased with those devices, and so the developer cannot know anything about you and your privacy will be fully protected when you make any in-app purchase on the Apple Store.

Useful for parents

Children are now addicted to games and trying apps, and of course you do not want to store your credit card data in one of your children’s devices, especially if he plays one of the games that includes purchases inside, this means that you enter your card information every time your child wants to buy something inside His favorite game, but with the payment system provided by the Apple Store, the situation is different, because the company gives your children accounts on the App Store and of course under parental supervision, so when your child downloads an application or makes a purchase, he will first need your approval, and this is what makes the payment system private Apple Store is very useful and important for parents.


There are many fraudulent or deceptive applications that, once you make a purchase inside them and get your money, do not offer you the thing that you paid for, but with the Apple App Store and its payment system, the matter is quite the opposite, because Apple does not just review every application and game It tries to reach iPhone users, but it also takes care of withdrawing money from your card when making a purchase inside the store and gives the developer the required amount (30% is deducted) and thus the developer cannot get any data about your credit card or even financial transactions that take place in his own application .


When you use the private payment system in the Apple App Store, you will already realize that the matter is smooth and simple, for example, try to make a purchase inside an application there, you will find that Apple has an encrypted and protected file that includes all your financial data and to complete the purchase you need approval through the face reader or The fingerprint is according to what you have set up, and so you will not need to create an account, for example, or even fill out forms and enter your data, and your financial information will not be able to access or even know the application developer.

one place

These days, almost everything wants you to register with it and subscribe to its service, starting with Netflix, the reading service from Medium, or the music streaming service Spotify and others, because subscribing to their services means continuing to pay on a monthly basis, but the problem here is that you may forget which services you have subscribed to What are the services that you canceled, but what is the payment system in the Apple App Store. You will find all subscriptions in one place in order to facilitate the process of managing them and access them quickly. Activation is not done at the same moment, unlike other services that send a message to the e-mail to make sure that you want to cancel the subscription or some services that bother you to come back again.

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