Apple begins work on developing processors

The latest reports that came from Bloomberg today confirmed that Apple has started working on developing a new generation of processors that feature 32, 12 and 8 cores to be revealed during 2021.

This year, Apple took its first steps as a new competitor in the market of processor chips for computers, as it introduced the M1 chip in both MacBook Air and Mac mini devices, and these devices have reaped positive reviews since their first launch with performance that exceeds the expectations of many users.

The new Bloomberg report confirmed that Apple has already started working on the development of new processors with a number of up to 20 cores in the processing unit, with the aim of launching them in 2021 to support the next versions of MacBook Pro devices, and the next major releases of iMac devices, provided that 16 Two of the cores have better performance in devices, while 4 of the cores come to support higher efficiency.

Also, according to the Bloomberg report, it is expected that Apple will support devices in the first half of 2021 with processor chips marked with 8 cores or 12 cores, provided that the company begins mass production of processors distinguished by a higher number of cores up to 20 cores per The second half of 2021, which targets professional Mac Pro devices that will be officially launched in 2022.

The Bloomberg report also indicated that Apple is also moving to develop distinctive chips with 32 cores, with distinctive graphics cards from 16 to 32 cores, and the report also puts expectations for a higher upgrade that comes with 64 to 128 cores in the GPU, which will exceed the speed of performance Graphics cards provided by Nvidia and AMD.

It is noteworthy that the report revealed Apple’s plans for the official announcement of the new generation of processor chips in the spring of 2021, so we expect new details about the technology giant’s plans later.


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