Apple is planning to announce new iPads

Unlike in past years, Apple is preparing to unveil the latest iPads in April instead of March. According to new reports, the company plans to improve the most powerful copy processors and add Mini LED technology to screens, as well as provide Thunderbolt ports, to make tablets closer to laptops than ever before.

The Bloomberg report indicates that Apple is seeking to add powerful processing chips in its devices equivalent to the performance of the M1 processing chips it developed for Mac devices last year, and aims to add Mini LED technology to enhance the brightness and contrast of colors in one of the most powerful versions of its devices at least that will come with a screen measuring 12.9 inches .

In addition, the devices are expected to carry improved cameras and more clear OLED screens to improve the user experience, and rely on devices for more powerful tasks than before.

The report added that Apple plans to launch powerful versions of iPads with Thunderbolt ports that provide fast charging and data transfer, and are available with Mac portable devices.

The report also indicated the company’s intention to launch light and thin iPad devices aimed at students, especially with the high demand for devices and laptops during the last period due to the outbreak of the virus, and it also plans to launch an iPad mini with a screen larger than the current version of 7.9 inches.

And just as it did with the launch of 4 iPhones at the end of last year, it is only natural that there will be more diversity in iPads this year.


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