Apple is working on the launch of the Mac Mini

After developing the M1 processor chip as part of its plan to dispense with Intel processors on the MacBook, Mac and iPad Pro devices, it seems that Apple wants to expand its processors quickly this fall by launching a new chip called the M1X with the Mac mini.

The company had previously revealed the first processing chip from Apple Silicon processors under the name M1, but it did not announce the second generation of processing chips, but according to reports from MacRumors, Apple is preparing to launch a new Mac mini with the M1X processing chip.

It is not known whether the new chip will be stronger than the previous one or weaker due to the lack of clarity on the reason for the presence of the X, but reports expect it to overtake the previous chip in performance.

It is noteworthy that Apple is working on redesigning the Mac Mini to carry more ports and provide stronger performance than previous versions, as it wants an option at a lower price than its computers, but at the same time it wants to support it with strong specifications and characteristics to provide a distinctive experience, as it is possible to keep it on copies. With M1 processing chip to be a lower price choice for users.

The company is also working on the MacBook Pro devices, which may appear this year with the new generation of processing chips, and the other may come with a redesign and different colors to provide greater options for users who want to take advantage of the Mac system.


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