Apple registers two patents for reverse wireless charging technology

Apple has registered two new patents for reverse wireless charging technology in a number of its devices, according to a report from via 9to5Mac, based on Patently Apple, which published an illustration showing a MacBook reverse charging the Apple Watch for the iPhone and iPad; Other charts also showed that the iPad and iPhone do the same.

The patent at first glance does not look new due to the fact that many phone manufacturers have already included wireless charging technology in some of their devices; But for Apple, it looks a little different. As the process of reverse charging in MacBook takes place from multiple areas at the same time, which are the touchpad, the armrest and the device cover, as shown in the pictures.

This is a good solution to charge several devices from one source together in critical situations where there are insufficient chargers and cables, for example, and without the need to separate one to charge the other; Rather, it leads to the elimination of electrical sockets and cables.

If we look at the matter in terms of saving time and effort in a practical way, it can also benefit from technology to charge the watch and wireless headphones “AirPods” via the iPhone that gets its charge from the Mac. This ultimately serves Apple in the event that it actually intends to issue an iPhone without ports at all in the future.

On the other hand, if we want to talk about the company’s close support for technology in its future devices – similar to the iPhone 12, which seems to support the technology but is not activated now – Apple must find an alternative to aluminum in the Mac’s body, which is a hindrance to the reverse wireless charging technology, which means limited options in alternatives. And it may return to using plastic again if you intend to implement.


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