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The billionaire war between Epic, Google and Apple..Who wins?

As you know, a war broke out between the days of Epic with both Apple and Google, and we witnessed a continuous escalation of events, the course of which eventually turned into lawsuits between each party and the other, and the question is: Who benefits in this war? Can Epic succeed in its quest and defeat the laws of Apple and Google with its arm twisting? What is the benefit of this war in the first place and does it benefit the consumer as promoted by Epic, which has mobilized the vast crowd of Fortnite to support it in its cause? Would disabling Unreal Engine be catastrophic? And what will matters in the end? All are questions that we will try to answer today, so prepare your cup of coffee and join us ..!

apple vs epic

What exactly happens?

For those who did not follow up, simply the incident did not start days ago, but rather it is a focal point that was a source of concern for many developers for years, many tried to convince Apple and Google about it, but they failed without exception, the idea and what is in it that both Apple and Google have their own stores on smart phones as We know of course, and in order for them to benefit more from them, they impose a tax on any developer who wishes to issue it to any of the two stores, this tax is estimated at 30% of the value of any physical transaction that takes place or passes through the application and this applies to everyone in general and game applications in particular, including the game Fortnite Of course its developer, Epic

With the existence of the principle of microtransactions in games, Apple and Google are now reaping a lot of money that every developer depends on, which was not liked by all developers, so there were many discussions two years ago for the two companies to reduce their rate of tax, but all the attempts failed ..

What happened in the days when Epic created a new payment method of its own through its Fortnite game on smartphones that does not pass from the Apple and Google stores in the first place, and therefore the player does not have to pay the value of the added 30% of his physical transaction in order for IPIC to save itself to pay this percentage to the two companies, but The company made the V-Bucks cheaper through this method of pulling players’ legs into it.

Of course, the matter did not like Apple, so it removed the game from the App Store under the pretext of IPIC’s violation of the agreed store rules, so that IPIC sued it, accordingly, with the issuance of a mock video similar to the advertisement that Apple used in 1984 to attack IBM’s monopoly on the market at the time and the days passed and Epic mocked it with the same video in a picture Adjusted because Apple is now monopolizing the market.

Epic did not calm down and began to seek help from its Fortnite player base, telling them that the evil Apple had closed them off on the way to play their favorite game on iOS and that they should now stand by Epic and post the hashtag #FreeFortnite or edit Fortnite on social media so that their voice reached Apple with a blog I wrote in it Ipek is clear and frank that Apple exploits every player to the last of the intrusive methods, which made Apple a bad sight in front of the world, which is not a surprise to us in general.

Then things escalated to remove Google Fortnite from the Play Store and to raise an issue for Epic about it too, and then Apple responds very strongly and prevents Epic from any supplies in terms of development for iOS and Mac systems while preventing them from developing tools on the Unreal Engine engine, which is the major disaster that responded She ought to have Tim Sweeney, the head of IPIC, to officially declare war … and that is the matter in detail until now.


Initially, the company Epic played it very cleverly that made the general appearance of Apple very bad, but do not be fooled by the preemptive methods companies always look for their interest first !!

The truth is that Epic has played it properly and amazingly, as it exploited its influence, which has become huge, as it exploited its fan base of Fortnite players to sympathize with them towards their support and stand by them in the face of the tyranny of Apple and Google and their monopolistic policy revolting to the technical market and began to raise the banner of change and all this is nice words, but it should be We understand an important thing, which is that there is no company that does not put its interest before anything, all the talk about the players and the interest in them is beautiful and wonderful of course and it actually happens on the ground, but in the end the interest of the company remains the most important and therefore, Epic or any company will not put itself in a position that may exit It is impossible without any gain! And Epic can lose its war with Apple and may win it, but even if it loses, it is winning in some way, especially since it is the one who started and is the attacking party for Apple and Google.

The meaning of my words is not that Epic is bad, but on the contrary, I see it very smart and planned all this in advance, and this is obvious of course in order to get Apple and Google into a trap, but we should not be chased after a war that I can easily say about a billionaires war that may not benefit us as a community of players, which is what Epic took advantage of it beautifully as it knows that its influence and its name has become very popular in recent years from free games on a new store to exclusive game deals for Fortnite, which were very successful of course and for many factors that made it what it is now and thus increased self-confidence more in its ability To compete with the tech giants, Apple and Google, and stand against them peer-to-peer.

But go back and say, the sympathy movement of the masses was very smart, the movement of mocking Apple and taking them out for people being a monopolistic exploiting company was wonderful, but all I can say is that we should be the spectator who eats popcorn and enjoys without getting involved in a war that will not return to him with almost anything and for this reason I might find the Ipic mass-sympathetic movement an exploitative one as much as it is smart at the same time.

Which takes us to the second point, what will I benefit as a consumer from that billionaire war?

In fact, I do not want you to be frustrated, but we may not benefit from anything, and this is why I mentioned to you above that you should not participate enthusiastically in this war because there are two scenarios coming, either Apple and Google win, and thus things return to their way, and the second is IPIC’s victory, and at that time the prices of mini digital transactions may drop as they claim, but Epic, like any company, has a stake in it to save itself money as tax that it pays to Apple or Google, provided that it sees the player’s interest.

I felt this very much in the Ipic Blog, which as soon as I read it, I examined the implicit content of the message, where the Blog says with its meaning: “Join us, so Apple steals you and we want to return your money to you.” And after this sentence, I do not remember that classmate in the classroom during school days who I was not in contact or friendship with him in the first place and he did not know me personally, but he suddenly started wooing me and getting close to me in order to vote for him in the Chapter Secretary elections, the matter is very similar to what IPIC does with its community of players, which made me doubt more about them, I do not attack it either on its own. I will say the same about any company that uses the same strategy and for this, my personal opinion is that the public is the least beneficiary in a war they have no part in.

So who benefits?

Epic company of course and easily, because Epic has everything to win and it has nothing to lose, and this is what I was saying about its smart behavior, which it set a trap for two giants of technology in the world and here is Tim Sweeney’s real intelligence to come out with the most benefit possible and you may ask me how that And I will tell you, if Epic wins somehow, every developer will start looking at her as the teacher or the new Mentor, champion of the poor and the judge of corrupt dictators, which means greater confidence in Epic by every developer, as they have a strong voice in the technology world after they were living in The era of monopoly and here Epic’s case will be flipped 180 degrees.

The second scenario is for Epic to lose the war, and here it will have nothing to lose as well because it will win everyone’s sympathy to get out and say, for example:

“Dear developers, we have tried to defeat corruption as much as possible, but we have failed, unfortunately. If you want to blame one of them, Apple and Google over there do not want to be bound by fair play and we disclaim our responsibility.”

I think it would be a statement in the same form that if Epic loses, but let me say that it will still be a winner, as Tim Sweeney was able to achieve unprecedented popularity for his platform. One night, Epic became part of the global trend on Twitter with Fortnite, and so even if Epic lost a battle, it did not lose the war. As they say, it has gained huge popularity that will move its affairs a lot in the coming period.


Could all of this be a blueprint for promoting more Epic?

Included and out of the question, the matter is 50% 50% The truth, the matter is strange because I feel that Epic has arranged everything before taking such a step as if it knows how Apple and Google will respond to it to prepare its counter-strike as if you are in a football match with counterattacks, so the lawsuit will exit quickly from the side Epic, after removing Fortnite from the stores, was strange and piqued my curiosity, as it is normal for some companies to take a great deal of time to consult in such fateful decisions before taking lawsuits.

I even noticed Apple was surprised about the whole issue, which was not able to respond as Epic was preparing its papers, which made me feel that the case was previously arranged in the drawer of Tim Sweeney’s office, for example, and from here my doubts about IPIC’s goal of fighting that war are increasing. Say, mother, to promote Epic more??


Does this mean that Epic is not right and that Apple and Google are angels?

No, of course, Epic’s movement like the one it did may have a positive impact if it succeeds in defeating its competitors, and this does not make Apple and Google angels, as it is known that their policy exploits anyone and its goal is to monopolize the market in the end, and everyone hopes that the tax will be reduced by at least some percentage. But at the same time, I will tell you frankly, I am not in a position to say or confirm that the 30% rate is exaggerated, I am in my word that the policies of the two companies are not good and this is due to the absence of competitors, but I cannot go out and say that the 30% is really exaggerated and does not deserve it Apple or Google, this is the percentage that the two companies saw suitable for them and applied it. And to be sure of the matter, I must be a developer to know in the interest of whom this percentage is poured. Therefore, I will not say any of these companies are angels, nor will I say at the same time that they do not deserve what they get ..


But why wouldn’t Apple or Google want to agree to the rate cut?

Simply put, Apple and Google reducing their percentage of profit from Epic applications means that they will have to fully generalize the matter and with all applications, which means a heavy loss for both, because if Epic is allocated with the idea of ​​the reduction, every other developer will come out to say: “Why is Epic alone without us? “As if we are in a nursery, and therefore this will put Apple and Google in a position that they do not envy, and therefore I think that this is a sufficient reason for them to block the desperate attempts of Epic, but at the same time it is a way to reveal the true Epic mask. If Apple and Google approached her and told her that they would acquiesce to her this time Provided that the matter is only for her without the rest of the developers, here only the real IPIC metal may appear, which if she rejects the offer will keep its popularity clean, and if she agrees, it actually contradicts everything I mentioned about its leadership of the voice of the rest of the developers and players and changing the rules for all and it will turn into a company that only sees its interest Just without anything else, will my tech giants do it? we will see.


Halting development support on Unreal Engine is a disaster for Epic and a focal point for the games industry!

The idea is that Apple did not remain silent, so it cut off all development tools supplies from Epic, and this includes the development kit on Unreal Engine, which puts the future of some games and movies in danger, preventing Apple for Epic from developing on its systems again, and the whole idea is that many developers use iOS and Mac systems to develop their games And their movies and preventing them from using these systems is a strong slap from Apple that will threaten the fate of many titles that are supposed to support the Unreal Engine V, for example, which will be released on both the PS5 and Xbox Series X and many others, and the truth is we do not know which game is being developed by Apple’s systems to say To you, “Good news, for example, it will be postponed.” But we are sure of the catastrophic dimensions of a decision like this ..!


So who will win this war?

My personal opinion, nothing will happen in the end, and the data will not change, Apple and Google will still get 30% as a percentage. As for Epic, as I mentioned above, it will come out to say that it did everything in its power to push the winds of change as it has nothing to lose, it may have lost Fortnite on my store Apple and Google, but the game will inevitably return after Epic relinquished the issues, especially since Fortnite generates a lot of profit for the two companies to give up on what IPIC considers unworthy of them.

A second point is that the Epic fans support it, the problem is that almost all of them are made up of children who do not care about all these arguments, they just want to play their favorite game on their smartphone so does Epic depend on this category as a focal point in its war? I honestly don’t know!

Unfortunately, Epic is struggling with giants with more experience in killing competition, in monopoly and in finishing everything, as if Epic is budging in a rock that will not move by one centimeter because Apple will not let itself be subdued in front of Epic and with the movement of Unreal Engine, I managed in an instant to grab Epic from the hand that hurts it To turn now the pressure and frankness and after what I saw in the last congressional session in which four of the world’s biggest men sat in front of the US government to respond to the charges of monopoly, and I know since then that nothing will happen in the end, unfortunately, or so is my expectation of things even with the support of Facebook, Spotify and Samsung for Ipek, sorry if you disappointed anyone. I wish victory for truth or victory for what will benefit the base of players.

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