Apple will be the first company to use 3nm technology

Press reports indicated that Apple has begun testing the 3 nanometer technology developed by TSMC on its processors, which is the case with Intel. To be the first to use the new technology from the Taiwanese company.

According to reports, Intel is targeting the use of the technology on processing chips targeting light laptops and data centers, while Apple is telling the technology for use on upcoming iPads.

TSMC has developed iPhone 12 processing chips using 5 nm technology, and several other companies have previously used it, while Qualcomm relied on Samsung’s 5 nm technology, and TSMC is testing the technology on AMD Zen 4 processors that will be released next year.

The Taiwanese company aims to start producing processors with 3 nm technology completely in the second half of 2022, and therefore it is likely to see it with devices by the end of next year or at the beginning of 2023.

The prospective 3nm technology provides 10-15% faster speed than 5nm technology at the same power, meaning it will provide higher performance while consuming less power.

It is noteworthy that TSMC is currently working on the development of processing chips for companies with 4 nanometer N4 technology to be fully available during 2022, including the iPhone phones for next year.

The Taiwanese company is building a factory to produce 5 nanometer chips in Arizona, USA, for $12 billion, while Intel is working on opening two factories in the same state, at a cost of $20 billion.

Despite recent reports about Intel’s plans to use the expected 3 nm TSMC technology with processors that exceed what Apple will get for its devices, Intel is working to launch its own 7 nm technology in 2023, as its current processors work with 10 nm technology.


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