Apple’s sales outperformed everyone in the last quarter

After a challenging year for phone companies that caused the total sales of manufacturers to drop by 5%, Apple managed to outperform all competitors, led by Samsung, for the first time since the last quarter of the year 2016 thanks to sales of the iPhone 12 series. Although the total figures for the whole year indicate the clear superiority of Samsung Over all competitors.

Statistics firm Gartner indicated that iPhone sales reached nearly 80 million and a market share of 20.8% in the last quarter of 2020, surpassing Samsung, which sold 62 million phones and reached a market share of only 16.2%.

These previous figures represent a growth of 14.9% for Apple over the same period in 2019, and a decrease of 11.8% for Samsung.

On the same side, Huawei witnessed the largest decline in sales by 41.1%, as it sold approximately 34.5 million phones during the last quarter.

As for its counterpart Xiaomi, it managed to make a big leap by selling 43.5 million phones, an increase of 33.9% compared to the last quarter of last year.

Oppo, in turn, managed between about 34.5 million phones, a slight increase from Huawei, but it witnessed a growth of 12.9% compared to 2019.

While other companies collectively managed to sell about 130.5 million phones, a decrease of 10.3% over the same period last year.

Total phone sales in 2020 see Samsung outperform Apple
On the opposite side, Samsung was able to sell more than 250 million phones during the whole of 2020, to be on the throne of the phone companies in the year, despite a 14.6% decline in sales compared to 2019. This surpassed Apple, which sold about 200 million phones only during the year, most of them during the quarter the last one.

Huawei came in third place in sales during 2020 with 183 million phones, followed by Xiaomi with 146 million phones, and Oppo 112 million phones.

The remaining companies were able to sell approximately 455 million phones, bringing the total phone sales of all companies to 1.348 billion smartphones.

Huawei’s recent problems may be a major reason for the emergence of this year’s results, especially since its competitors were able to increase their sales in light of its decline in various markets, especially Xiaomi and Oppo.


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