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Applications worth trying for Android and iPhone this week

As usual, we will take care of free applications for everyone to benefit from them, however, this does not restrict us to put some paid applications or some old applications that we discovered recently, in general, as is the case with the best Android and iPhone applications for the past week, the applications for this new week came as follows, and in If you have an app that deserves to be mentioned here, put it in the comments box for everyone to benefit from.

1. Instagram Lite

The f irst applications in this group, and perhaps those who used the application previously, will express their happiness now, as after it took about 4 months of the suspension process with the aim of redesigning it, here is Instagram owned by Facebook, announces again the availability of the light version of the social network application pictured on the store Google Play, and usually this application is directed to users who have phones of medium to poor specifications, or to users who suffer from poor in the network, however, everyone can use the application, provided that it is available at the present time for Android users.

2. Armoni Launcher

Also, this application is only available and exclusively for Android users, and it is a new launcher through which an almost exact copy of the interface of the latest iOS 14 version is brought up, side by side, bringing some of the features coming with the latter for Android users, for example, simulating the 3D Touch feature and the feature Automatic reset of elements with the aim of converting almost any widget into an iOS widget and the usual things like dark mode and icon pack support, and a lot of many features that I let you discover yourself, and perhaps the only thing that will bother you with this application, it is not free, where you have to pay $ 0.99 to take advantage of all its features.

3. Splittr

One of the applications of financial management, and with it you can create groups for expenses, and these groups can add individuals, so that each member can add expenses, to come to the end to divide the amount, and this is useful in the case of group meetings at the dining table, and expenses can be followed up individually, not to mention Support for changing the currency and more that you will need in this field, in turn, the application is available for download for free, whether on Android or iPhone.

4. Docmondo

Another application that is not less important than the previous applications, and it comes within the applications of scanning and file management, and the application is characterized by scanning documents reliably, very fast and automatically, and you can also manually adjust the document through the option to crop the document, use filters and frames, and convert the document to black and white, even It supports sorting files into folders and sharing them with cloud services or with other messaging applications directly, in turn, the application is available for a free trial for 30 days, and then you have to subscribe, provided that it is available for Android and iPhone users.


If you need to relax and practice meditation, you should use this application, as the audio tracks have been chosen very carefully, so that you can customize the sounds as you want, for example, there are the ideal sounds for sleep and relaxation, and there is something related to concentration and breathing exercises, with the ability to adjust the sounds Individually to find the perfect combination and deeper relaxation, on its part and unfortunately, this app is only available on Android, and it includes ads aimed at unlocking more voices.

6. Twobird

It is a productivity application designed similar to Mail Gmail, and the application offers collaborative functions with your contacts, so that you can manage your emails but also create notes, send them to contacts and then modify them in a group, as well as assign tasks and create reminders attached to a note And other really useful collaborative tools, for its part, the application is available for download on both systems for free and completely.

7. TasRix

The next application, which is available at the present time for Android users and soon an iPhone campaign, is like a smart task manager and assistant that basically relies on Eisenhower’s principle of time management by dividing tasks into four categories which are “important and urgent, important but not urgent, not important but urgent,” It is neither important nor urgent. “Therefore, the application makes it easy to set priorities in everyday life and at work, and by the way the application is available for download for free.

8. RainViewer

An application that is not new, but because of its great importance we have put it here, as it is a weather application that provides you with the usual basic functions such as forecasting temperature, weather conditions, etc., but a great addition to the application is a tool to monitor rain and track the progress of storms, as here it contains more than 1000 weather radars around the world and works in 90 countries, it can also track the history of the storm’s progress up to 48 hours in the past and display predictions of up to 90 minutes in the future, in turn, the application is available on Android and iPhone, and includes an optional subscription.

9. Oto Music

Another application which is available for Android users exclusively, as a new local audio player, and here the application supports many powerful features, such as support for Chromecast, creating and managing playlists, and here is support for the dark mode, with its coming with a clean and customizable user interface, and we do not forget the equalizer tool Equalization of sound and many other features that I invite you to discover on your own, for its part, the application is available on Android for free and completely.

10. Slatch

The last application in this group, and perhaps the best and most important application in it, as the application seeks to gather people from all over the world and regardless of the language barrier, as this application has very smart live translation capabilities, which allows you to exchange messages, voice recordings and video chats with Anyone, and all you have to do is choose the language for the contact you speak to, and leave the rest to the application, and the applications support group conversations and much much more that you will find with this wonderful application, which is available free of charge for Android and iOS users.

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