ARM announces v9 architecture

ARM announced the first architecture or engineering architecture directed to computers, not just smartphones, under the name v9. This architecture is the first of its kind for the company in about 10 years.

The new processors will carry ARM Cortex-X2 cores, through which the company aims to operate various devices from smartphones to laptops, providing about 30% faster speed compared to those on leading Android phones and available with Qualcomm processors.

The Cortex-A710 core will be the first to rely on the new technology ARM V9, which is 10% faster than the Cortex-A78 core available with the leading processors and provides 30% more efficiency. There will also be an A510 core that targets middle and weak phones and smart watches, but it provides 35% faster speed compared to the current cores, and about 3 times the speed in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

In addition, ARM said that all new generation technologies and cores will support 64-bit and will work to make all processors that use their technologies support 64-bit by 2023, to withdraw all companies’ efforts towards this purpose because their technologies are used in processors of all companies except Intel and AMD, which will help In the presence of more powerful devices running the Chrome system and the presence of many computers with processors Samsung and Qualcomm.

On the same side, processor technologies will be accompanied by Mali-G710 graphics processing cores that provide 20% faster speed for leading devices with higher machine learning efficiency of 35%, in addition to the Mali-G610 core that targets less devices, and Mali-G510 cores for less devices and TVs. Smartphone, as well as the Mali-G310 intended for vulnerable devices.

ARM also unveiled CoreLink CI-700 and CoreLnk NI-700 technologies that aim to connect mainframe and graphics processors on a single chip.


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