Baidu gets approval to test its own taxi-driving cars

Baidu, which specializes in developing smart technologies and solutions and owns several technology companies, has obtained approval that allows it to test its self-driving cars in China to run on a taxi system. This approval will allow the company to test 35 taxi cars, as well as 10 additional cars for all purposes.

Baidu became the first company in China to obtain this license to test its own self-driving cars for commercial use.

The company provides its services for free as it is under test, with the aim of obtaining a full license that allows it to operate its cars as taxis.

The Chinese government requires companies to travel up to 50 thousand kilometers safely in public streets in order to give them a full license to operate, and the company has so far managed to safely travel more than 500 thousand kilometers with all its cars in the city of Cangju, where the testing process is taking place and located. In the south of the capital, Beijing.

Baidu, with its Apollo Go cars, is one of the most important companies that have adopted the concept of automated taxis known as “Robotaxi” around the world.

It can be said that if the company was able to obtain a full license to operate its cars on a taxi system, it would be a huge leap in the field.

Baidu is currently testing its self-driving cars in other cities, and it aims to expand to 30 cities in the coming period.

It is noteworthy that many companies around the world are testing the system of self-driving taxis, and companies such as Waymo owned by Google have obtained an actual license to operate in the United States.


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