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Best Android apps try this week

Android, the most used operating system by users, is offset by a myriad of applications. And because it is very difficult for the user to follow the new applications that developers publish on the Google Play Store, here comes our role in reviewing these applications, and not only that, but our focus is also on the useful and better applications, and by doing this we combine the order of new applications and useful applications. Generally, as is the case with the best Android apps for the past week, the apps for this new week came as follows.

Android apps

1. The new Firefox


The first application in this group, which is the browser that is rich in definition, is Firefox from Mozilla, where for more than a year, the company has re-developed this browser on Android from the ground up, and after making it available as a test version, here is the company announcing the launch of the official Firefox 7.9 version for all Android users And, the most prominent of what was mentioned in this release, there are new privacy and customization settings, as well as a redesign of all interfaces, and there is support for the dark mode as well as the groups feature and much more, and it is worth noting that this launch is gradual, so if it does not reach you, wait a few days. Or a few weeks.

2. AdMob


One of the new Google applications, which is directed specifically to application owners, to track their internal advertisements in their applications, and the application is a powerful tool that provides the ability to access important user metrics and ad performance, while also allowing you to monitor the progress of developed applications and a graph of revenues and crashes by country. As well as checking earnings, payment statuses and much more.

3. Voicey


Another application and not different from its predecessors, but in terms of modernity and not in terms of the idea, where the latter is to provide the application the ability to listen to the messages received on the WhatsApp service without showing that you have listened or even seen it, thus the application provides a kind of privacy of comfort, in turn, when You install and open the application, you will notice that it includes only three tabs, which are related to voice messages for this day, this week, or the last week, not to mention its support for customization options such as dark mode, lock, etc.

4. Games Tracker

In short, with this application you will be able to track all the games you are interested in, and you can mark the playing status on the tracked games, so that if they are available, you will receive an immediate notification stating that, and most importantly, it allows you to check the upcoming most popular games that are Easily filtered by the platforms you choose, also recommend games based on the games you’ve tracked and more than that you’ll find with this free app.

5. PotatoNotes


One of the new and very powerful notes applications, and the first thing you need to know here, is that the application is almost similar to the Notes Keep application of Google, in any case, the application comes with a beautiful and fast interface, not to mention the security of taking notes, and among its main features, support for online synchronization, and archiving Notes, backup and restore function immediately, customization tools, add multiple notes, support for displaying notes in the form of a list or grid, and much much more you will find with this powerful application in its field.

6. Palette

This application is not new, and its great benefit is in extracting all the prominent colors from any image, after that you can use the colors as you want, and you can also save the colors or share them with the image, and here the application supports the extraction of colors by importing any image, or extracting the colors from the captured images From the application’s camera tool, by the way, the application supports color codes to speed up the sharing process, and there is a favorites tab and a lot more that you will find with this application available for download for free.

7. English grammar

Another new application, and you can benefit from it a lot, in case you want to learn or teach your children the rules of the English language, as it includes the basic rules that all beginners should know with other lessons and exercises in the English language and English language test for all levels A1, A2, B1, B2, in a systematic and easy-to-learn way, and as with all apps in this group, this app is available for download for free on the Play Store.

8. Calculator vault

The last application in this group, which is an application that goes into the field of preserving privacy, by hiding your pictures and videos that you do not want anyone to see in a fully encrypted vault, but this vault is camouflaged through a calculator, in other words a calculator left behind a vault to protect your files, and it also supports The application browse the files and arrange them in the appropriate manner for you, and I warn you, in the event that the application is deleted and includes files, you will not be able to import them, and by the way the application is available for download for free and it is recommended at least to try it.

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