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Best iPhone and iPad apps for this new week

After we showed you the best new Android applications for this week, today comes our last date in which we target iOS users, i.e., iPhone and iPad tablets campaign, and as usual, with the difficulty of users searching for new and important applications at the same time, we in turn bring you them and provide them with a plate of gold, Our focus will be on free applications so that everyone can benefit from them. In general, as is the case with the best iPhone and iPad applications for the past week, the applications for this new week came as follows.

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1. Subtrack

The first application in this group, which is a wonderful and powerful application to track the expenses of your subscriptions in real life, so you will not miss the due dates anymore, and here the application puts in your hands a list of more than 300 subscriptions, or simply you can create a custom subscription in a few seconds, and the application supports Show detailed insights for your subscriptions, the option to set reminders, and support it in terms of customization in terms of the user interface and in terms of subscription icons. For its part, this application is available for free download on either iPhone or iPad.

2. Bazaart

Another application, but this time it is not new, however, because of its great importance we have put it here, and its importance lies in its definition, which is that it is an award-winning photo editing and graphic design application, and it will help you create beautiful images, professional designs and amazing collage art easily, in short, you will get along with this The application is an infinite creativity, for example, not including, with it you will be able to magically remove the background, as well as take advantage of the options to rotate, crop, and position images, not to mention other editing tools, such as exposure, contrast, similarity, blending, color fill, warmth, shadows, fading, opacity, sharpness, and more. Much, in turn, the app is available for download for free, however there are many options that need you to purchase.

3. Flow

Another and new application, which is an innovative way to create simple graphics and complex artwork on iPhone and iPad, as it was developed from the ground up for amateurs and professionals alike, and this application offers powerful artistic tools in an accessible format, and with it everyone can create drawings, menus and storyboards. Handwritten designs, notes, floor plans, recipes, plans, magazines, and artwork, in short, this app will provide you with an ideal space to create, capture and share your ideas, available for free download with support for optional internal purchases.

4. Seque

With this application you can plan your time better, and even focus for a longer period, which improves the way you work your tasks, in other words, this wonderful application will help you focus on one task at a time, for example, you set five o’clock as a time for reading At the same time, you set two hours as a time for this study, here the application will notify you as soon as the time arrives at five o’clock, after that there will be a descending time for the two hours you have set for reading, and once these two hours are completed, the application will remind you of that, so the application will increase your focus and not be distracted.

5. Gemini Storage Cleaner

Another application which is very important, as it works to free up storage space that you can use about or another, by deleting duplicate and useless videos and photos, provided that the deletion process takes place after viewing them and not automatically, and here the application provides the ability to sort files by date and by size Thus, you can recognize the large-sized video, as well as put screen shots in a folder for viewing and deleting them if they are not needed, as well as displaying blurred images, and other checks and audits, in turn, the application is available on the App Store for free with its support for optional internal purchases.


The latest Face Swap application “Face Swap”, where with it you can create ultra-realistic video clips and animations to swap a face using only one selfie, and here the application comes with a variety of celebrity faces and movie characters, and after completing the video, you can directly share it or save it in Your gallery, and most importantly, that the application offers on a daily basis new videos, and all you have to do is import your image and leave the rest to it, and as is the case with previous applications, this application is free with support for internal purchases.

7. PDF Viewer

The latest application in this group, which is a fast and beautiful application that allows you to view and search PDF documents and even comment on them easily on your icon and iPad device, and with it you can access your files from iCloud, Dropbox, Box or OneDrive as well as Google Drive, the application also comes With a smooth interface packed with powerful features that looks a lot like a suite of desktop-quality PDF tools, the app is finally available for free download with support for in-house purchases.

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