The best programs this week for computers

The best programs this week for computers

1- Outbyte Driver Updater program

As the name suggests, Outbyte Driver Updater updates the outdated drivers installed on your device to boost performance and get the most out of every bit. Moreover, the program provides detailed information about the computer, and it allows saving a backup copy of all drivers easily. It also has a simple graphic interface designed to suit the beginners.

Once you run the program on your computer, it begins to perform a full examination of each of the hardware components and old drivers, so that it displays an overview of the computer parts such as the processor, RAM, graphics card, hard drive and operating system, then displays the performance of these components and compares them with the average results of other users of the program, and thus you know whether Your computer is powerful or average in capabilities. The program displays this information while it checks the definitions, a process that takes some time.

Once the scan process is over, the Outbyte Driver Updater starts displaying only old drivers to update them, just click Update to download and install the new driver automatically, or press the arrow button and choose Update Manually to install the update manually. The great thing about the program is that it allows you to verify the recommended definitions from the manufacturer, so it does not display any new version randomly, but rather that matches your device specifically. But Outbyte Driver Updater is not completely free, as it requires you to purchase the paid version when drivers update automatically. But if you know how to install the new drivers manually, you can continue to use it for free.

2- revoSleep program

RevoSleep provides a new way to help laptop users save battery life. So that if you own a laptop that contains an external HDD, and you do not want the flash drive to continue rotating for the duration of your use of the device, as this leads to energy consumption and battery drain, it is with the help of this small program that you can put this external hard drive into sleep mode to prevent the disks from spinning except when the need.

Using the program is very easy, through its small window, which is specially designed, you can select the storage drives that you want to put in sleep or sleep mode. This is an HDD, not an SSD. Of course, the external disk must be chosen, so it is not possible to disable the internal disk on which Windows depends.

All you have to do after selecting the external hard drive is to put a mark [✔] next to Sleep if you want to put the hard drive into sleep mode. Note that there are other options also that allow you to completely disable the external hard drive or deactivate it until you restart the computer. And take into account that these options have no effect on the files stored on the hard drive. Now, after selecting Sleep from the window, close the program and you will get a notification confirming that the specified hard drive is in sleep mode, and thus it will stop rotating until you “the user” open this disk from File Explorer – which is reflected in extending battery life.

3- Picture Colorizer

Picture Colorizer is so far one of the most powerful tools that I have tried to color black and white or monochrome images, the program gives really amazing results and brings old photos back to life in a very easy way because the graphic interface does not contain many confusing buttons and options.

When starting to use the program, click on the “Add Images” button and select the image you want to color, noting that it supports GIF, PNG, JPEG and BMP formats, which means that the program is able to color any image, whether static or animated. Once the image is added, the coloring process takes place directly, and here you do not need to intervene because the program does everything automatically. So you have to wait for the process to complete.

The image will appear in the program window after coloring, and as is evident in the image above, the program was able to choose the colors with very high accuracy and make the scene come to life! The program also displays other image styles with various enhancements that you can choose to improve the overall appearance of your image. Side by side, you can make adjustments to image details such as changing brightness, contrast, and color saturation. In any case, the program is very excellent and it is completely free, so I recommend that you try it to get a color copy of any black and white image.

4- SDelete program

SDelete free tool helps you get rid of your confidential or personal files that you do not want anyone else to recover. For example, when you sell your old computer, you must first delete all sensitive or personal files in a way that ensures that they are not recovered by the available “recovery” programs, and this is what SDelete does.

SDelete does not need to be installed, it is a portable program, so run it and press the Enable button from the window that appears, and thus the program is integrated with File Explorer so that whenever you want to safely delete a file (without returning), all you have to do is right-click on The file and choosing Secure Delete, and in a moment the file will be “in the news!” And through the SDelete window, you can specify the number of times any file is overwritten. The higher the number, the more you guarantee that the file will not be recovered, but on the other hand the deletion process takes longer.

5- SmartDrive-Wiz

Another program that is definitely worth a try, as SmartDrive-Wiz lets you monitor your hard drive and predict problems and malfunctions that may occur at any time and cause files to be lost. The program works with any type of storage, whether HDD, SSD, mSATA, etc. Once turned on, important information about the hard disk such as the manufacturer, model and other technical details appears, such as the firmware version, the serial number, the file system used, the storage space occupied, size and capacity, temperature, rotation rate (for HDDs), the amount of data written, and the status of the hard drive. Generally, according to program evaluation.

Moreover, SmartDrive-Wiz displays other details such as knowledge of the technologies and features that are supported and not supported in the hard disk, and the ability to test the volume to see the maximum performance achieved in terms of writing and reading, or to find out what problems it suffers from. So, it is a comprehensive and unique program, and it is easy to use due to the simplicity of the graphic interface.

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