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Find out about Bilgewater Harbor, the home of the new game from Riot Games

The Bilgewater region is one of the great regions in the League of Legends world, it is famous for its large group of wonderful characters and many mythical and fairy tales that are very intertwined, and in this article we will get to know the region in detail.

Where is the Bilgewater Region


In the beginning, the Bilgewater region is a water port within the world of Runeterra. This port is located to the east of the map and in the middle so that its north is Ionia and the south is the Shadow Isles.

The privileged location of the port made it one of the most important sea ports in this world, if not the most important, and the port became a transit station for every merchant or person who wants to cross the world from south to north.

The Bilgewater Harbor Story


Bilgewater is unlike any other port. It is a port without law that gathers a large group of pirates, thieves, criminals and treasure hunters and bounties.

Anyone who lives in the port can seek money and influence in any way, all the ways are legitimate in this port and this system has made many try to live there in pursuit of influence and money, but in fact this region is very dangerous and not suitable for anyone to settle, so in many cases you find bodies Strange people are floating in the harbor after being killed and all belongings stolen.

The port is now in a state of transformation as every captain tries to adapt to the new conditions and chart their future, especially after the changes that have occurred in the world of Runeterra, and in the end Bilgewater Port remains one of the most colorful and interconnected places in the great continent.

Port heroes

The port contains a large group of distinguished champions in the League of Legends world, they are:

  • Fizz
  • Gangplank
  • Graves
  • Illaoi
  • Miss Fortune
  • NauTilus
  • Pyke
  • Tahm Kench
  • Twisted Fate

If we analyze the heroes of the region, we will find that they are all people without a moral dogma to a large extent, most of them are pirates, thieves, or even treasure hunters like Miss Fortune.

Also, the personalities of this region develop between them many relationships, whether union relations or hostile relations, and this is due to the moral backgrounds of each of them.

So I very much understand why Riot Games chose the Bilgewater District because it is a totally unexpected area and many anecdotes can be built within it and they will all make sense, for example we can simply imagine Twisted Fate turning on his partner and colleague Graves.


The Bilgewater District Demographics

The Bilgewater District Demographics


This port can annex anyone again, and anyone can build a new life inside it. It is the home of the homeless, so it is primarily composed of a large number of captains and sailors.

One of the most important jobs in the port, whoever works in this job is responsible for linking ships together during the fighting and he is always an experienced person in the world of the sea and a skilled sniper so that he can hit his spear with precision in the body of the enemy ship.

The common class within the port is the first class of sailors on ships.

The most famous cultural pieces in the port

Bounty Board

Bounty Board

The only part in front of which you feel the presence of the law inside the port of Bilgewater, where all the wanted persons were placed in the port and the degree of their severity arranged with an indication of the award placed on each person.

But do not think that the law has authority over this region, even for example, the famous character, Gangplank, who puts a prize on himself in a blatant and shocking challenge against any treasure hunter trying to kill him.

By the way, there is a very big conflict between the famous heroine Miss Fortune and the pirate Gangplank, as the former seeks to kill the famous pirate in order to take revenge, and yet we do not know who will win this conflict.

Also, there is a relationship between Miss Fortune, Twisted Fate and his friend Graves, where the first time she trapped the two heroes in a trap and took a reward in exchange for them, but the relationship between them is not heated as it is closer to the pirate relationships in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie.


The dead in the port are not buried, but are returned to the ocean again, where the Bilgewater graves are located under the water and not on land, the dead are thrown to the ocean again while he is tied with a buoy to know his location on the surface of the water.

If the deceased is from the rich class, he is dumped in a luxurious capsule and the float also indicates the high position of the deceased, but if he is from the poor, he is thrown while he is tied to an old anchor for one of the ships.

This method of burial shows the extent of the connection of the people of El-Mina to the ocean and the extent of their reverence for it, and by the way the people of El-Mina believe in the existence of a great beast under the water, which is the greatest kraken, and we can consider this beast as the god of life, giving and death among the people of El Mina.

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