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Reasons to buy the Apple Watch SE

Apple unveiled its new smart watch, Watch SE, which is the latest member in the family of wearable products, and despite its low price, it includes many of the features provided by the new sixth-generation Apple Watch, and if you are thinking of buying a new watch or upgrading your old watch Follow this article with us because in the following lines we will review five reasons why the Apple Watch SE smartwatch is best for you.

Fashionable design

The Apple Watch SE has a stylish modern design, and the watch includes the same high-resolution screen as the fifth-generation Apple Watch without the always-on feature, yet it is 30% larger in size than the third-generation Apple Watch, so it is ideal To read messages and track health measures while you exercise, similar to the 6th generation Apple Watch, the Economy Watch SE supports Solo Loops that wrap around your wrist faster without a clasp.

Long lasting battery

Unlike previous versions of the Apple Watch, which forces you to charge it in the middle of the day, the economical Watch SE has a battery that lasts for a long time of up to 18 hours, which means that it will work all day before charging it again.

high performance

The economical Apple Watch SE has been supported with the same set of S5 chips found in the previous version of the Apple Watch, so the watch has high and fast performance with smooth transitions and ease when opening and closing the application and even when responding to notifications, so Apple Watch SE is the most suitable choice for what it provides Its powerful performance helps to do anything smoothly.

fast charging

Fast charging is a feature that may be small but very convenient, and thanks to the fast charging provided by the Apple Watch SE, the watch can be charged from zero to a 100% full charge within two and a half hours, although it is not fast enough like what the sixth generation Apple Watch provides Which comes to an hour and a half, but it’s still fast enough compared to other versions.

low price

The Apple Watch SE is called the economic watch because it comes at a low price, with a price of $ 279, which is slightly more expensive than the Apple Watch of the third generation, which is three years old and costs $ 199, but for this price you will get a high-resolution screen and fast performance And great features like altitude tracking, fall detection, noise level monitoring, it also supports the family setting and includes the latest sensor to measure the heart rate.

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