Think about these things when buying a laptop

Nothing compares to enjoying a laptop that helps you navigate from one place to another without losing contact with your friends and close people and following what is going on in the world around you. If I told you that it is impossible to buy a bad laptop, then you probably will not believe me, but be sure that in our time there is no longer space that allows bad laptops to exist, rather there are only good laptops, distinct laptops and other computers that are unparalleled, and each of them has a specific purpose and goal of They exist.

Laptops alone have many advantages: such as the level of efficiency, for example, as laptops come with a very low energy consumption rate compared to desktop computers, thus saving large expenditures on electricity bills even if the matter includes the periods required to charge the laptop. Secondly, the laptop computer is unique in the ability to carry it in any bag, move it from one place to another, and perform the work required of us and necessary for our jobs or studies whenever we want and wherever we are. Perhaps the only question now is how do we choose the right laptop for our type of business and the form of our uses and at the same time that fits with our budgets in the best possible way, and while we have previously clarified things that you should consider when buying a laptop, but there are other things that we must also address to help you In making the right decision while buying a new laptop, let’s list it in the following lines:

Laptop category

Ultrabooks laptops: We sometimes call them notebook computers, as they are unique in their shape, thin, and lightweight compared to traditional laptops. They always contain SSD hard drives and their screens support touch and with FHD 1080p resolution, sometimes with higher resolution. It has fast, high-performance hardware and a highly efficient battery that can work for long periods of time.

2×1 laptops: This category of computers comes with smooth hinges that can be changed by 360 ° to be used as a tablet or in the form of a tent. These computers sometimes come with completely removable hinges so that the screen can be separated from the keyboard. It always features a touch-friendly screen and its primary operating system is Windows 10 or Chrome OS.

Laptops from the category of Chromebooks: running the Chrome OS operating system, very similar to Windows in the form of the desktop and the list of applications, this category of computers is easy to use, especially for school students and parents because it has a safe and strong system that is very difficult to be exposed to viruses and malware.

The only problem comes in using the applications during an internet outage or offline mode, everything is done through the Chrome browser. It relies heavily on the cloud storage system instead of local storage, which is why it comes with a very small storage volume that sometimes may not exceed 16GB SSD. Fortunately, most Cromebooks come with a touch-enabled screen, and they were recently able to provide support for Android applications.

The touchpad

The touch panel or what we call the touchpad is not always the primary criterion and standard when buying a new laptop, but in the end you will find that it is the only thing that separates and makes a noticeable difference between laptops and tablets or what we call it “tablets”, as the current generation computers are distinguished by the touch panel IPad is smarter, more flexible and comfortable to use thanks to the additional sensors it has recently contained, and the multiple tasks and commands that require handling more than one hand have become easier and more flexible, such as copy and paste or drag and drop tasks and other multiple tasks.


It is necessary to look at the laptop screen and make sure that it contains modern display technologies that protect the eyes from the harmful rays emitted by the harmful blue lights, the screen should be comfortable to use and have Flicker Free technology to treat the flicker caused by the display so as not to cause eye fatigue when Sitting in front of it for long periods of time, if you intend to use the laptop outside the house in bright sunlight or from inside bright rooms with high and strong lamps, you should make sure that there are techniques such as Anti Glare to reduce screen glare in bright lights. Make sure that the brightness of the screen is clear and visible to you, and it is preferable that the display occupies a large area of ​​the proportion of cornering and has edges without frames or with thin frames so that you have more width so that thick frames do not distract your vision of fine details in the images.

Central processor

Once you look at the specifications of the laptop on its official page and know the model of the central processor, you will be able to determine the strength of its general performance and understand what kind of work it can do – so it is preferable to be familiar with the world of central processors. So far, only two companies are responsible for making CPUs for laptops: AMD and Intel. When it comes to laptop processors, you find that Intel processors are the leading and most reputable, as they are widely relied upon by computer manufacturers.

Recently, AMD processors started gaining a fair market share, especially after the launch of the Ryzen-4000 Series processors, as this series of central processors enjoyed higher performance and better energy efficiency compared to any previous AMD core processors.

Each of the two companies’ processors come in four-number models to show the user a sneak peek and a quick summary in which they can see how powerful the processor is, to which architecture and generation it belongs. You’ll find AMD Ryzen 3, Intel Pentium, and Intel Core I3 series processors for a range of routines and regular uses such as browsing the web, checking e-mail, social media, watching video on YouTube, and this kind of business that doesn’t impose powerful resources or features from Accept onboard computing processors.

As for professional and advanced work such as video editing programs, 3D modeling, and writing of research papers and lectures, it is better to go towards AMD Ryzen 5 or Intel Core I5 ​​processors, thanks to their containing a greater number of processing cores that can complete this type of work in better periods of time.

But when talking about the complex work and heavy programs for the content industry, such as graphic design programs, rendering, and intensive computing, you should go to the workstation class laptops that contain the most powerful central processors such as AMD Ryzen 7 and Ryzen 9 or Intel Core I7 and Core I9 series, But since this class of processors is very expensive, it certainly causes a noticeable increase in the total value of the price of the laptop, and unfortunately, their prices may be high and sometimes fanciful for users of the middle class and those with limited budgets.

But in terms of performance, it is the best central processors that have been reached so far, whether these processors are from the tenth, ninth or eighth generation at Intel, and the same is true for processors of the first, second and third generation of AMD Ryzen processors. Thanks to the large number of cores and huge central processing resources, this class of processors can carry out professional work in record periods of time, and the result will positively affect the user’s productivity.

Graphic card

Advice and you will not regret it in the future: Stay away from laptops that have a GPU built into the central processor, unless the laptop has a separate graphics card next to the integrated GPU. Certainly, the matter depends in the first place on the type of your business and does the set of programs necessary for you impose a separate graphics card or not, but a separate graphics card is necessary to accelerate performance in most professional work, especially graphic design programs and games.

Some laptops recently launched contain significantly powerful integrated graphics processors than all previous generations, especially the 11th generation Intel Tiger Lake processors, which enjoyed a powerful Iris Xe Graphics processor as well as AMD Ryzen 4000 Pro processors thanks to their containment of integrated graphics processors from Radeon Graphics class. But in order to be frank with you and speak transparently, the integrated graphics processors are still always a step behind the contemporary technological stage, meaning that each generation of integrated graphics processors is better than the one before it, but then the challenges and graphics have become more complex, for this reason it is preferred to buy a laptop that contains On a separate graphic card if you are thinking of trying out modern games or have an important set of work that you do on professional software.

RAM and basic storage

Although current operating systems and a wide range of programs and applications do not require more than 4GB DDRx, it is better to buy a laptop with 8GB RAM in order to run programs and games with complete freedom, access websites and open multiple windows and pages without noticing a drop Low performance or a long time delay makes you feel that the system is completely paralyzed from carrying out tasks. If you are satisfied with 4GB of memory, you must at least be sure to support the laptop to increase the RAM capacity in order to be able to increase its size in the future.

As for basic storage, hard and mechanical storage cases, it’s a little complicated and will depend on your budget during purchase. In any case, make sure to buy a laptop that has an internal storage capacity of at least 1TB due to the size of modern games, video files, series and high-quality movies. It is possible that you will suffice with a storage capacity of 500GB, but this is provided that the laptop contains a fast SSD storage for the Windows operating system and the set of programs that you will install on it.

Battery life

Laptops are developing amazingly day after day, and every day they become more powerful than the day before. Undoubtedly, this additional power comes at the cost of battery drain and higher power consumption. Therefore, the laptop battery will be your ideal friend, and it is one of the most important necessities that should be considered when buying a new laptop. So how does excessive power benefit if the battery cannot last for a long period of time while you are outside your home or away from your business office.

Therefore, the laptop battery, which is short-lived, forces the user to charge it from time to time, and as a result you will not be able to travel much with the laptop or you will be surprised that you carry just a piece of iron with you most of your time abroad, this in turn imposes a negative impact on the level of productivity, whether your use Computer for business programs, or just to browse the Internet and follow your mailing accounts, or even enjoy playing games while abroad.

Therefore, there must be a balance between the characteristics of the laptop, its technical specifications and its battery life, meaning that a laptop that contains a powerful central processor, a huge storage disk and a large random access memory, must contain a long-term battery that lasts with you for several hours before charging it. again.

The laptop battery is one of the main factors, so do not be attracted by the strong specifications and features and forget about the battery life. But if the nature of your use of the laptop from inside your home or office permanently, then the battery will not be one of the factors affecting your productivity. It should be noted that the battery working times written in the features on the official computer pages always differ from the real working period, so that most factories rely on testing the battery life of laptop computers while browsing the Internet only, and therefore it is expected that these estimated specifications differ from the real life period While you are using many other programs and applications.

In conclusion, there are some secondary matters that should be addressed when buying any laptop, such as the set of ports and slots on the side of the laptop that are necessary to connect devices and peripheral accessories, make sure that there is an adequate number of them that are compatible with your devices and requirements that you will connect through those ports . Know the weight of the laptop and make sure it is light if you are thinking of going out and moving a lot while you are using it. These were the most basic and short tips that should help you when choosing a laptop for the first time.

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