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Should we stop thinking about the Xbox Series platforms after the PlayStation 5 broadcast?

Yesterday we watched the PlayStation Showcase broadcast, which is the event that shook the Internet yesterday, not because it was the best event or the event that featured many new titles, but because the event featured the Night of the PlaStation 5 in its two versions.

When talking about the prices of the expected platform, we will find that they are excellent in reality, you are talking about the complete device at $ 500, while the digital version, which does not contain a CD reader, comes at only $ 400.

Very competitive prices, especially if we compare it with the Xbox prices, where the Xbox Series X comes for $ 500, while the Xbox Series S comes for $ 300, but it is a less powerful device compared to the PlayStation 5

Now is the $ 100 the amount that might make the difference? We are talking about the circular comparison between the digital version and the Xbox Series S version. Simply, is there a big difference between $ 300 and $ 400?

In fact on paper and in theory there is a big difference, of course, the amount of $ 100 is a quarter of the value of a digital device from the PS5, but on the ground this amount is not considered a great value even inside Egypt by the way, we are talking about 1500 pounds, a difference between the two platforms, and of course with simple calculations, you will find that from It is better to buy a PS5 because it gives all the capabilities for $ 100 a difference, and the regular version of the device wins its price because it is equal to the price of Xbox Series X and as we all know our hearts are already stuck on the PlayStation 5 platform because of its exclusivity.

But in my opinion, the Xbox is still in competition and the matter has not ended yet, especially after a bunch of news that was published after the broadcast ended yesterday:

High prices for games

Personally, I am sure Sony is forced to price PlayStation with these numbers due to Xbox announcing its prices, which are also cheap and affordable for everyone.

So Sony tried to stay in competition and pricing its main device at $ 500 and the digital version at $ 400, but we are dealing with a very smart company and it will not leave the battle as simple and will not accept losses only to get the same segment of the sales market.

So Sony announced yesterday that its upcoming exclusive first-party games on the new platform are priced between 50 and 70 dollars in full, that is, clearly all the exclusive AAA games on the platform will be for $ 70.

These games were originally valued at $ 50 and if we assume that the platform was originally supposed to be issued for $ 600 or $ 500 for the digital version, then simply this loss can be compensated for 5 exclusive games only.

Incidentally, Sony guarantees that every player will buy these exclusives, or at least a large percentage, because these exclusives are the main reason to buy the platform in the first place, and if the players are not interested in it, they will buy the Xbox because it offers stronger performance thanks to its hardware.

Unfortunately, the matter does not depend on games only, for example, the new joystick has an official price of $ 70, and this price is 10 dollars more than the DualShock 4 arm at the time of its release and higher by $ 20 at current prices.

It is very clear that Sony offers you the device at a low price or without a large profit margin, but it will definitely work to collect the largest amount of profits through the games, accessories and services that it provides for the platform.

This trend guarantees them very large profits. In the world of games, we have seen the volume of profits that companies reap from services or mini-purchases, which outweigh the profits from selling the game in the first place.

Worrying reports about release quantities

Sony confirms from time to time that the launch will be smooth and easy, but from time to time a report or news is also published confirming that the launch process will be exposed to some problems.

The latest of these reports confirms that each PlayStation store will only get 20 pieces at the time of launch, and this information came directly from the people in charge of the Gamestop store.

This lack of copies is very bad because the scarcity will in turn lead to the sale of the device on the black market for much greater amounts, and this matter if it happens will be selfish and unprofessionalism from Sony because it must ensure the availability of its commodity for all its customers.

The matter is complicated by other reports stating that out of every 20 devices there are between 2 to 4 digital copies only, and this matter means that digital copies will be more scarce and are also liable to be sold on the black market.

With these reports, if true, it is very expected that we will find a great disparity in the local markets and that we will find a great victory by the Xbox in terms of prices, which may attract any player who does not care about the idea of ​​exclusivity in general, but these reports cannot be confirmed or denied, and we can only wait until The device is finally launched and I hope that this scenario does not happen.

Bad broadcast management style from Sony

All of the above-mentioned would have passed very normally with me if it were explicitly and clearly displayed in the broadcast, but unfortunately Sony presented all the positives in broadcasting and did not address any negative information about the inside of the broadcast.

After the broadcast, Sony began publishing this strange and depressing news successively through its Blog, and it ensures that a large percentage of followers have already watched the broadcast and will not address any other writing topics.

The method is very bad and it shows that the company has bad intentions or realizes the size of the problems or frustration that this news produces, and this matter puts a nail in the relationship between the company and the player, and here I remember Microsoft, the most clear so far with the players, which provides information directly and frankly without any twists.

We also have some accusations of lying towards Sony after it announced the advent of Horizon 2 and Spiderman to the PS4 platform, which means that these games are already available but have been postponed to promote the new device, so we cannot consider these games completely new generation games like Hellblade II for example. Example.

What do Xbox need to make a comeback

Well, the first thing Xbox needs is to provide good and adequate quantities of hardware around the world in various stores because all reports indicate a large deficit in the numbers of the PS5 platform.

As for the Xbox Series S platform, it suffers greatly in fact in terms of pricing and faces a big confrontation with the digital version of PS and I think that the Xbox Series S version will be a losing horse if Xbox tries to bet on it, the resting horse here is the original Xbox Series X and this platform if it comes At a slightly lower price say $ 450 it would be a huge hit for PS.

If the price of the Xbox Series X is reduced to $ 450, it will be cheaper than the PS5 and offer stronger performance and a little higher in price compared to the digital version, but with a disc player, which by the way is important and still has its value, so many prefer to keep these discs to create their own library or exchange them for other games or sell them


The PlayStation 5 platform is the popular platform and it is the platform that will certainly achieve greater sales, especially since Sony is able to pick very distinct titles that attract a large segment of players, but this generation in particular does not deny the power of the Xbox platform and its entry into the challenge strongly, I think that the ball is still in the court All that Microsoft needs is to focus a little on first-party addresses, and then the scale will turn completely.

A final advice, do not rush to buy any platform immediately after its release and wait a little while, originally the new platforms will not come with very strong release titles and most of them are available on the current generation platforms, so I advise you to wait until after the launch of the devices because the market will change and the conflict will continue unless you want to trade you can order a device PS5 in advance because it will increase its price in the black market at a later time, and if this does not happen, then there is no problem you will get the device you want anyway.

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