Casio launches a watch from the G-Shock series with Wear OS

Casio, one of the largest and most important watch manufacturers around the world, has announced the launch of its first Wear OS smartwatch under the powerful G-Shock brand. The new watch comes under the name G-Squad GSW-H1000, to be the latest watch in the G-Squad Pro series.

The watch features a sturdy, shock-resistant case and looks similar to the usual G-Shock watches, and comes with a titanium back to add extra durability and strength.

The watch has all the standards that make it resistant to friction and shocks, and adds a property of water resistance up to 200 meters, according to Casio.

The new watch contains two LCD screens in the form of two layers; One is to display the date and time on the clock with the Always On Display feature, and the second is colored to support the features of the Android Wear OS system by displaying maps and various notifications such as walking rate, as well as displaying other information like the rest of the smartwatches.

The watch also supports a number of sensors to measure the heart rate, barometric pressure, altitude, compass, and other usual sensors.

It also provides a special application from Casio with 24 modes for exercising indoors, or outdoor sports such as running and swimming.

The G-Squad GSW-H1000 is the first watch in the G-Shock series with Wear OS, but the Pro Trek remains Casio’s first watch to support the system.

The G-Squad Pro GSW-H1000 will be available in red, black and blue colors next February at a price of 700 USD.


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