Step by step how to choose your next graphic card

We always yearn for the coming summer and spending the summer vacation with friends, taking a walk outside the house, going to the resort, cycling, doing barbecues, playing and having fun by all means and methods possible for us. Unfortunately, all this has changed during the past few years, and the reason is not only the critical state and crisis that the human race is going through in facing epidemics and dangerous diseases, but because of the change in our social and cultural tendencies and our intellectual lifestyles, our constant and increasing thirst towards the most beautiful electronic progress and modern technology Our life times are sitting in front of the screens of computers and smartphones, and these methods have become our only modern connections.

In fact, our practical life or our leisure tendencies are what prompted us to use these means for long hours every day without thinking or discerning what might pose a real danger to our thoughts and traditions or even to our bodies and minds, which are considered the greatest gift we have been able to live with. You find many computer users in a constant passion for upgrading their computers and the pursuit of modern technologies in order to do their necessary work better or in order to spend their spare time in entertainment and play. Some of them seek it from time to time only for well-being.

Which in turn prompts us to think about the most basic needs that the masses of users seek, specifically the audience of gamers, namely the graphics cards. We have previously talked about the most important information that you should know to help you understand the serial numbers of the different generations of graphics cards for both AMD and NVIDIA. We answered the most controversial question among the audience of gamers, “Is AMD or NVIDIA the best?” With an explanation of the most important points that draw our attention when reading the characteristics of the graphics card through this article.

In the context of this matter, we will shed light again on how to choose the correct graphics card for new users who are going to buy and assemble their computers for the first time. We will answer many of their expected questions in order to avoid falling into many errors that may happen to them, and we will explain to them some details that cause confusion in their minds while purchasing the graphic card. Let us now start with you from cradle to grave.

We all make many mistakes at the beginning, and they are the only way for us to learn and realize the truth of things. Therefore, when you make the decision to assemble your computer for the first time, you must focus and be careful not to damage the hardware parts, which is a problem that may add a new financial burden on you to buy replacement parts due to your incorrect installation or due to lack of care and focus when dealing with parts. These things are almost simple and it is really very easy and you will be able to implement it to the fullest, but it is very important if this is the first time for you to assemble your personal computer.

For example, if we talk about the heat insulating material or what we call “thermal paste”, if you do not remember buying it or if you made a mistake in adding it to the top of the processor surface, then you will face several problems and you will not be able to do anything about it unless you remember that you made a mistake in the paste. Thermocouple. You may be surprised that the computer continues to restart itself, or you witness a noticeable slowdown in performance as a result of self-throttling of the central processor due to its high temperature, and it may even turn off the computer itself completely. All of these problems do not result in warning sirens from the motherboard, and you will not understand them at first because they are varied in the way they appear, but they are the result of a single error. That is why we advise you at the outset to exercise caution and take the necessary measures and precautions before you hasten and embark on the installation and training process.

Many graphics cards, but only one GPU

When you get to the part related to choosing the graphic card, you will find many options that will cause you confusion, as you have several different models for each single GPU. At first you have to decide which GPU you want to buy, and then start thinking about specifying the graphics card model. For example, you are thinking of buying one of the RX 570 cards, so you decide to buy an AMD RX 570 processor, and then start making a decision about which company you prefer Sapphire or XFX or GIGABITE or MSI .. etc. After that, decide what type of model you prefer, as there are several models launched by each company for the same graphics processor. For example, you find MSI produces several different models that come with the names Armor, Armor OC, Armor MK and Gaming X, and some of them have 4GB video memory and the other 8GB. We will talk in detail about these differences in the following points.

Because we are dedicating our article to those who are coming to assemble their computers for the first time, we must mention to you the most important things that you should know so that your minds are not distracted during the buying process. At the moment only two companies, not a third of them, produce graphics processors, namely AMD and NVIDIA, – certainly Intel is on the way, but it is not the focus of our conversation – but when you go to the store or while searching and browsing for the graphics card, you will find that most of the graphics cards are launched from official partners and what we can Call them third-party factories or Aftermarket GPU Vendors.

These official partners are very many, they buy graphics processors from AMD and NVIDIA and then put them on the market in several different models as they are companies specializing in the manufacture of electronic boards and circuits PCBs and the development of professional cooling methods and solid and elegant metal structures to suit different user tastes. Examples of such companies: ASUS, EVGA, GIGABYTE, GAINWARD, MSI, MANLI, INNO3D, PNY, XFX, ZOTAC … and others.

So how do you make sure that the graphics card you’re looking for or seeing review has an AMD or NVIDIA GPU? The answer is very easy, at first you find the boxes and boxes of AMD graphics cards that come from official partners in red, while the boxes and boxes of graphics cards that contain an NVIDIA graphics processor are faded by the green color. Unfortunately, this is not the correct way to differentiate between them, it is possible that the colors do not play an influential role in determining and these boxes may not contain the colors that we mentioned. So what is the other right way?

If the graphics card you see in the store contains the Radeon RX / Radeon Vega / Radeon XT logo, these are indications that the graphics card contains an AMD graphics processor. If the graphics card contains logos such as GEFORCE GTX / GEFORCE RTX, these logos refer to NVIDIA graphics processors. We try to explain these details to you, as it is difficult for beginners and those who are for the first time to buy a graphic card without a prior background.

What are the official partners that produce the best graphics cards?

At first, you should be prepared to hear many incorrect rumors: for example, a friend of yours prefers ASUS cards, while your other friend recommends you ZOTAC cards, and someone else will mention the need to buy from GIGABYTE and the more friends you have, the more you hear about other companies that are the best. We say about the above that they are just opinions and not advice, because in fact your entire friends are not at fault, all of these brands are pioneering and offer graphics cards of the highest quality. You should know that preference in opinions comes from within our own inclinations and through our personal experiences.

If we had good experiences with MSI cards, we would recommend them, but if we suffered a loss of a card for a company, we would advise others to stay away from it even if the problem of damage to the card was a result of our wrong use or because of a bad energy provider or a bad bag box that caused the card’s temperature to rise and lose it, the reasons vary. Destiny is one. But these cases are exceptional and should not be taken into account.

More than one graphic card for the same company and the same graphic processor

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, you will be surprised that there are many models of graphics cards that contain the same GPU, so are there differences between all of them and are they necessary differences and why? Assuming you decided to buy a powerful graphics card like the Geforce RTX 2080 Super, and in the previous image you will notice 12 graphics cards from GIGABYTE that contain an NVIDIA RTX 2080 Super processor, so what is the difference between them? This is the focus of our topic …

You should bear in mind that all graphics cards that contain the same GPU and are launched by all companies are all equal in performance. All graphics cards that contain the Geforce RTX 2080 Super processor offer one performance and all achieve one gaming experience. But each of those companies is trying to capture the largest share of the graphics cards market.

GPU core clocking speed

The first difference between a graphics card and others that both contain the same GPU is the frequency of the graphics processor, which is measured in MegaHertZ. And since the GPU contains many GPU “cores”, the frequency factor of their work speed will certainly have an impact on performance levels.

The GPU cores are called by several names such as Execution Units, Cuda Cores, or Shader Processors. All of these names are correct and symbolize the number of GPU cores. If we look at the number of cores of the TU104 processor, called the Geforce RTX 2080 Super, we will find that the number of cores is 3072Cores, while the TU102 GPU, called the Geforce RTX 2080 Ti, contains 4352Cores. Therefore, you find it similar to the same logic followed with central processors, the more processor cores, the more computing tasks and commands it can execute in the same period of time.

Let’s go back to the GPU frequency with a simple example: If we assume that we have a graphics processor that contains 1000 processor cores and these cores operate at a frequency of 1000MHz and can perform 1000 computing operations per second, well, but if these cores worked at a frequency of 1200MHz, they could perform 1200 computing operations in the same Time period. This percentage is estimated at 20%, and for this reason, companies are developing some models that are factory-broken, and instead of using the name Gaming card with a frequency of 1000MHz, the company is launching a broken-speed card with a rate higher than 1090MHz and the company calls it the Gaming X model, and this was just an example.

But remember that the difference percentage that we talked about (20%) is only a theoretical percentage, so it is true that there is a 20% increase in the frequency speed, but we did not add 200 cores to the GPU in order to be able to achieve this additional percentage. In other words | The car engine is still running at 1000 hp, not 1200 hp, but what we did is we tried to modify this engine just to speed it up a little.

The same applies to the video memory, the “VRAM”, as the faster it is in frequency, the more it is able to send and receive data with the GPU in faster periods of time. On the ground, you will find that the real difference in performance between a graphics card and another graphics card, both of which contain the same graphic processor, may not exceed 1%, and this percentage will not be in all cases or with all games, but this slight difference plays an effective role in the results of hardware competitions and exhibitions Break the global speed. Continue with us so you know when there is a noticeable difference in performance between two cards containing the same GPU.

Cool graphics cards

Cooling down is one of the factors that play a very important role in the price of the graphic card. Low temperatures mean the ability of the graphics card to durability for a longer life and means the stability of the performance of the GPU during intense workload. As temperature rises, the GPU throttles itself, causing its performance levels to drop. And here, in particular, appears the power of the graphics card, which contains a better cooling method, in achieving a greater number of frames within the games than the graphics card that sufficed with an economical and cheap cooling method.

The difference between graphics cards that contain the same graphics processor may come in their cooling method, so you find both of them at the same frequencies, but one with two ventilation fans and the other with three fans. Add to that the fan materials that are specially manufactured with high quality and efficient materials in order to be able to work for long and continuous periods of time without being affected. But the cooling factor does not depend on the number or types of fans only, as the thermal grids and heat absorbing tubes that are made of copper and aluminum come to play a prominent role in the price of the graphic card and at the same time in its temperature, in fact the number of tubes, their materials, their measurements and the style of their internal cavities affect effectively In the ability to absorb high temperatures emitted by the graphic processor and electrical circuits.

Sizes and measurements

After purchasing the graphics card, you may be surprised by your inability to install it due to the tightness of the computer box “bag”, and this error is very common with beginners in assembling their computers and economic class users who are always looking for inexpensive computer hardware. For this reason, graphics cards come in a great variety of sizes and measurements, thanks to the smaller size you will get a better price and be able to install the card easily.

However, the only negative factor in small graphics cards is the temperature. The smaller size forces the factory to reduce the number of fans and reduce the size of the electronic “board” and reduce the number of channels and stages of energy responsible for passing the electric current to the graphic processor, and thus cause the welding circuits to approach each other, This results in a high temperature emission from the entire graphic card. This is precisely why if you are thinking of buying an economical graphics card that contains only one fan, you should provide a large space inside the computer case for it, and it is better to open the side box door in the summer and provide additional fans to the box and organize the wires and cables inside it and do not leave it randomly.

Therefore, you must make sure before purchasing the graphic card measurements through its official page and the space that the computer box provides for the card through its official page, you will find that the measurements come within the characteristics of the graphic card and the bag with names such as: PCIe Expansion Slot Dimensions or VGA Card Length.

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