Chromebooks achieve the best shipments in its history

The past year was bad for many companies and sectors, but Chromebooks were one of the most successful and useful because of the tendency of people to buy them for use in education.

According to the announced figures, the shipments of companies from Chromebooks amounted to more than 30 million computers during the past year, of which about 11 million computers in the last quarter only, and thus have achieved a growth of about 287% compared to the same quarter of the previous year, according to Canalys statistics.

Gartner’s numbers are relatively lower, but they reveal a significant growth in Chromebook shipments in 2020 as well. It estimates the growth rate is 80%, while Canalys sees the annual growth in shipments at 109%.

Whatever the correct figure, it is much better than the growth in shipments of laptops and desktops, which have grown to only about 11%.

Looking at the top companies in terms of shipments, HP came first, Lenovo came second and Dell came third. In terms of annual shipments growth, Samsung was the best performer, with 400% growth.

Originally, schools and students were the main buyers of Chromebooks, especially in the United States. The Microsoft Executive Vice President even praised this type of computer for educational use.


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