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All the details of COD Black Ops Cold War

Finally, after a long wait, for the first time since the World at War part, we get all our information about the next part of the Call of Duty series in August and for the first time this part will come with many historical changes that happen for the first time in the course of the story !! Finally, Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War was revealed, and today, the live COD Warzone event has officially ended, which gave us the first glimpse of the story phase, but we have more details that will interest you, so let’s go ..

COD Black Ops Cold War

The return of the story stage after the absence of the last part

I think that if we asked any fan of the Call of Duty series about the problems of COD Black Ops 4, he would say the lack of story mode is the first of them. The story phase in Call of Duty was and still is a very important and epic element for any part that should not be abandoned, but it seems that Treyarch has learned the lesson Well, because it returned in a story phase that will take us back to the old days and to the period we love most to see the innovations of Black Ops, which is the period of the Cold War, prepare because it will be bigger than before and it will be based on real events and what I saw in the game’s marketing campaign in which the players got involved to solve six puzzles They were held within six days, which ended with the unveiling of the premiere of COD Black Ops Cold War and the location of NUKE, so I can say that we are on the verge of something completely different, something new and special ..

Welcome to the Cold War

The first important information that may have been leaked, but you must know it is that COD Black Ops Cold War will actually complete the events of the first part of the Black Ops series, which was released in 2010, but the events of the next part will be a successor to this ancient game that we all loved, COD Black Ops Cold will return to us. War of 1981, specifically in the period of the Cold War between the United States of America and the Soviet Union, and our game will derive the features of its story from really realistic events as mentioned across eastern Germany, Vietnam, Turkey and the Soviet Union itself.

The introduction to the game will begin with the Vietnam War and that period in particular, and then escalate events after America learns of the existence of a secret spy from the Soviet Union in its ranks bearing the pseudonym Perseus, whose goal is to disrupt the American armament progress and give eligibility or primacy to the Soviet Union and this is what we see exactly in the game’s first presentation, which Yuri Bezmenov mentioned in it that time is nearing the end and the disaster is inevitably approaching, referring to the American future with that. Of course, you know what it means to go back to the period of the Cold War ..

Mason, Woods and Hudson will be back

Mason ، Woods ، Hudson

Yes, you have read this properly, our beloved heroes will finally return from the first part of the Black Ops series, the game is supposed to include Hudson, Mason and the most important thing is the return of Frank Woods, who you will play as a main character in the game’s story. Not only that, but events will be intertwined with the presence of the president The American Ronald Reagan means that the events will take place after the killing of John F. Kennedy, and thus we may witness the interconnectedness of these matters with each other in one way or another, but there is no confirmation of that until now.

Historical twists for the first time ever for the Call of Duty series, in the campaign mode

It was clear that Treyarch and Raven had done an amazing job in loving you with a strong story this time and that appeared at the beginning of the suspense of the game originally, but what COD Black Ops Cold War will contain is a whole new story about the series ..

For the first time, your decisions may change the story!
Yes, the story will be developed in such a way that there is room for decisions and a vision of their subordination as well, as you as a player will have the freedom to make decisions, and this is a precedent that has not happened before in any part of the series, and we do not know what effect this turn will have on the story in general, will it go to the RPG a little? The truth is, it’s strange, but it’s new, and we’re more curious.

You can create the character you want to play with!
We do not know how this will be applied either, and we have Woods as the hero of the story phase originally, but we believe that this may be applied in other stages where for the first time you will also be able to create the type of character that you want to play with, starting from her gender, shape, etc., from the characteristics that you usually find in a game RPG.

There are secondary goals with the main ones in the story!
The story of any game in Call of Duty is always linear and carries certain main objectives, but starting from this part you will find secondary objectives that you can complete and it is up to you.

The first story with multiple endings!
Of course, after we knew that your decisions will affect the story in one way or another, it was very obvious that the game contains multiple endings that require you to repeat the story again with different decisions in order to see different results. This is a major leap in the Call of Duty series and a precedent that occurs for the first time. In its history which reinforces what I said above is that COD Black Ops Cold War will focus on the story more intensely than before to fix the mistakes of the past.

multiple endings

COD Warzone will be an integral part of Black Ops Cold War

As the President of Activision fully stated, COD Warzone will act as a platform on which Activision has relied on to promote new parts of the Call of Duty series over the years and as you have seen with us, the official Black Ops Cold War announcement was made through a live event today from within Verdansk in the COD Warzone itself as hinted. The community of players is a huge NUKE presence waiting to be launched and thus it seems clear to us how important Warzone is to Activision. Among the theories put forward is that NUKE will strike Verdansk and turn it into a new map bearing the character of the Cold War. All new weapons and equipment will be provided from Black Ops Cold War directly in Warzone.

What about Multiplayer and Zombies?


The details of the Multiplayer will be revealed on September 9th, and of course the Zombies are coming back, and unfortunately, details are scarce about it so far !!

Focus on characters, cinematic scenes and voice acting

We can confirm that our game here will contain elaborately developed cinematic scenes with great audio performance, but unfortunately we did not get the names of the performers and therefore, you can consider that the interest in the characters will be deeper and greater than before, and as you saw in today’s show, we would like to note that this show was an adaptation From the PS5 platform directly and this brings us to a very important point !!

“Officially, COD Black Ops Cold War is coming on November 13th for the current generation and coming for the next generation, whether PS5 or Xbox Series X”

Black Ops Cold War will be officially released on the platforms of the current generation, whether Xbox One, PS4 and PC, of ​​course on November 13, and it has also been confirmed that it is also coming for the next generation, meaning that it is a Cross Gen game, but, you may not like the next paragraph somewhat .

the game will not get a free upgrade for the new generation

There are three versions of COD Black Ops Cold War, one of which will provide the graphical upgrade for the game on new generation platforms, and they are as follows:

  • The standard version: contains the game itself and is coming for PS4, Xbox One and PC at $ 60.
    The standard version
  • Cross Gen version: at $ 70, it contains the game, of course, with the upgrade version on the new generation platforms as soon as it is available for either the PS5 or Xbox Series X, it is assumed that the next generation version will be available through the Backward Compatibility feature for the PS5 and of course it will be at an amount more expensive than The regular version and thus this means that Activision will stand shoulder to shoulder with 2K in terms of providing copies of their games for the next generation at a higher price, and therefore it will not offer that upgrade for free as some other companies have done.
    Cross Gen version
  • Ultimate version: at a price of $ 90, the game includes itself and its next generation version with the land, sea and air package, which contains three new vehicle shapes, three weapon schemes and three customer outfits. Not only that, but also comes with a Battle Pass package for one season + the ability to skip 20 of the Tiers with the Battle Pack and on the Battle Pass.
    Ultimate version

Battle Pass will be back with free add-ons

We can confirm that the Battle Pass will be present in COD Black Ops Cold War, and the game will also be supported by a lot of additional content or free DLC.

Crossplay or Crossplay will be available directly

This time, the Crossplay feature will be present in Black Ops Cold War directly so you can play with your buddies across platforms, be it Playstation, Xbox or PC.

Open Beta and pre-order bonuses

Whoever pre-orders COD Black Ops Cold War will, accordingly, have access to the open beta, which we do not know when it will launch exactly alongside the Woods client package, who will formally join the game COD Warzone as a client in it and you can use it directly now and in real time if you pre-order the game with a new AR scheme and possibility Skip 10 of the Tiers, and this is the first evidence to support the idea of ​​intertwining the worlds of Warzone and Black Ops with each other. As you can see Woods is coming to Warzone, meaning that there are common interests or cooperations that will take place between the two.

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