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Learn about the features of the new OPPO interface, ColorOS 11

Oppo just announced, in a virtual conference broadcasted via YouTube, about updating its new interface, ColorOS 11, based on the latest Android 11 updates, introducing a large set of changes and new features that we will review with you in the following lines.

Features of ColorOS 11:

1. Complete freedom to customize the phone interface

The biggest change offered by ColorOS 11 is to give the user complete freedom to modify the system interface, from the simplest to the most complex. The new OPPO interface will allow its users to modify the design of icons, fonts, font design from colors, thickness, height and even line spacing. System users will also be able to modify the Always On Display, they will not be restricted by the options provided by the company, but they will be able to modify every part of it, from patterns, colors, fonts and even the content that appears.

OPPO also unveiled a new line called OPPO Sans, allowing its users to modify its various features and allowing it to be used commercially for free.

Night mode in ColorOS 11 has also had its share of new changes. Oppo will add two new styles for the black night mode, so the user options are Pitch Dark, Blue Dark and Gray Dark. This addition will allow users to enjoy a blue or gray night mode as alternatives to the usual black. The app icons will also interact with the night mode if the user wants.

Home screen background images, widgets and sounds will also be among the new things that ColorOS 11 users can modify to their liking. OPPO promises its users complete freedom to modify the system interface.

2. New gestures for simultaneous translation

Users of previous versions of ColorOS can use the three-finger swipe gesture to capture the screen. In ColorOS 11, they will be able to instantly translate the texts contained in these shots, by relying on Google Lens, after cooperation between OPPO and Google. These clips can be translated while surfing the Internet, chatting or browsing social media.


OPPO introduces a new mode of energy called Super Power Saving Mode, which gives users the ability to use only 6 applications while it is activated while closing the rest of the applications and eliminating most of the tasks that occur in the background to reduce battery consumption. The Chinese company says that activating this pattern may save up to 12 additional hours on standby if the phone contains only 5% of the battery charge.

The ColorOS 11 interface will also contain a new feature called Battery Guard that will understand the phone’s power consumption and charging method. If the user is accustomed to charging the phone during the night, the battery will not be fully charged, but the charging process will be slowed until it reaches 80% of the battery capacity to maintain this percentage until the time the user wakes up to 100%. This feature will stop the charging process in the phone immediately if there is a sudden failure in the mains voltage.

Oppo says that even if the phone is not charged during the night, the battery charge will only decrease by 2% within 8 hours.

Private System property

The ColorOS 11 update will contain a separate part inside the phone under the name Private System, which will provide users with a complete image of the system separate from the phone and protected with a password or other protection method, as if the phone contains separate users.

Flex Drop

OPPO has improved the way to navigate between applications, as it has become easy to change the size of applications and convert them into small floating windows. Now all you have to do is drag up and down continuously until the window is minimized to the size you want. The side window can also be used to run applications in a floating form on the screen. You can also drag content from these applications, such as images and text, and paste them directly into other applications by just drag and drop.

Nearby Share property

Google announced a few weeks ago about the Nearby Share feature, which allows files of various types to be exchanged between Android phones without the need for intermediate applications. Oppo will allow this feature for ColorOS 11 users as soon as the update arrives on their phones.

Improve phone performance

Oppo revealed that its new interface will improve the use of its phones in general thanks to reducing RAM usage by 45%, response rate by 32% and screen frame rate stability by 17%. The Chinese company also revealed the Quantum Animation Engine 2.0, which will be responsible for the animation within the system and provide a smooth and fast experience away from any kind of tire cutting.

Oppo Relax 2.0

OPPO launched OPPO Relax in its latest update to give its users the ability to relax and rest by listening to a range of natural sounds such as the sound of the sea or the sound of birds. The Chinese company said during its virtual conference that the good impressions that it received about this feature prompted it to develop it completely OPPO Relax 2.0, in which new voices related to human life will be added, such as the sound of commercial markets in certain countries or the sound of the wind in a city.

What do you think of the new features and changes in ColorOS 11?

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