Effective attempts to speed up computer performance with games

Passion for electronic games has become a concern for the general population in general, and for youth and children, games have become the supreme goal that they seek to achieve and enjoy, according to the latest global statistics, there are more than 2 billion players of different ages around the world. Fortunately, electronic games are developed to be fully compatible with console devices and work on them in a smooth and fast manner, but the same thing does not happen to computers, as results differ and experiments vary from one computer to another due to the huge and different number of hardware components in computers.

Therefore, sometimes we face problems with slow movement of characters in some modern games because of the complex game graphics, data density and natural effects, which constitute a heavy load on the graphic card and the central processor, and this means that we will go through a bitter experience and it becomes difficult for us to continue playing and we will inevitably feel upset, boredom and inability to enjoy . This leads us to wonder how we can accelerate the performance of movement within these games, and we begin to touch upon some attempts and tricks that can help us overcome this problem and overcome it.

Computer Games Black Laptop Black Computer Gaming
Computer Games Black Laptop Black Computer Gaming

There are some games that we stumble upon to do anything about, and the only solution with them is to upgrade the hardware, such as buying a new graphics card or a stronger central processor and increasing the size of the RAM, but we do not ever despair, on the other hand there are a huge number of games that respond strongly Great for the attempts that we will make to accelerate its performance and the ability to achieve a high frame rate that can bring us to the level we want and with it we can achieve an ideal and enjoyable gaming experience. But if it turns out that all the tricks and attempts are useless and we did not get positive results with the majority of games, then unfortunately here we say that the balance of our attempts has been out of us and we no longer have anything but to upgrade the computer components.

In this case, the graphics card comes at the top of the hierarchy of components that should be changed, after that comes the central processor and RAM in second place. But before we bear the burden of financial costs in purchasing new components, let us review with you the most famous attempts that may have positive results and may enable us to run our favorite games:

1- Update the graphic card’s software command definitions

Although most players are familiar with the software driver definitions, some of them do not realize its importance and may not be interested in installing new versions permanently. In fact, driving definitions is one of the most important necessities that helps the hardware parts to be compatible with modern games and the ability to run them with the best possible performance. Driving definitions can make a very big difference in the number of frames, the frame rate we can get, the level of experience and how it performs in-game. However, in order to install the latest software drivers, you must first know the type of your graphics card or the type of integrated GPU in detail, whether it is AMD, Intel or NVIDIA.

Then, through the official page of the website of the manufacturer of your graphic card, start searching for the latest software drivers that are compatible with your Windows system and kernel, whether it is 64bit or 32bit. Remember not to rely on the driving definitions added on the websites of third-party companies such as ASUS, MSI, XFX, Sapphire… etc.

Fortunately, the ability to install the latest software drivers has become possible and easy through the alerts and notifications that appear in the system toolbar above the graphics card icon as soon as a new update is available from the manufacturer. But in the event that you do not pay attention to these notifications, it is possible to visit the official page of the company’s website, search for the model of your graphic card, choose the type of operating system, download and then install.

2- Reducing the screen resolution from within the games video settings menu

Display resolution plays the most important role in influencing the overall performance level and the different form of the gaming experience. If you look at the game reviews that are released immediately after the games are released, you will notice a big difference in the frame rate and the number of frames depending on the resolution used. These are the most famous and easiest tricks that we follow in order to speed up the movement of characters within the games, if your screen is huge and has a high resolution as 4K, reduce the video resolution from inside the game and set it to 1440p, of course that type of screen is very high and therefore You should have a strong graphics processor and a higher category, but in any case you may want to enjoy the games for a period of time until you buy the new card

Therefore, all you have to do is reduce the display resolution from within the game video menu and monitor the results, if you do not get smooth performance after that, reduce the video resolution again to 1080p, unfortunately, the low resolution will significantly affect the quality and clarity of image details, but it is a necessary and must sacrifice If you are looking for a smooth and fast gaming experience. If your screen is FHD resolution, it is possible to reduce the Video Resolution to 900p or 720p. Also, low video resolution will affect the quality of the images, but will not have the same effect seen with large displays.

The thing that is taken for granted is that video resolution affects 30 percent of performance, so there is a great chance that it can improve performance and recover from lag issues experienced by games at high video resolutions.

3- Reducing the graphics settings from setting the game video menus

In the in-game video settings menus, you will find many graphic settings and characteristics that greatly affect the quality and purity of details and thus have an impact on frame rates and the general level of performance, so if you are facing slow problems and delays in the game movement, you should make some concessions in these graphic properties until You can reach a stable frame rate. Anti-aliasing and Shadows are among the most important graphic settings that cause performance drops, both of which are at the top of the hierarchy of heavy graphic settings that drain both CPU and graphics resources.

Therefore it is best to deactivate it by setting it to off or setting it as low as AA: x4 max. It is also necessary to cancel exclusive features such as NVIDIA Game Works and reduce Pure Hair … etc. Overall Quality can be set to Medium or Low, so you can achieve average frame rates close to 60FPS.

4- Breaking the speed of the graphic card

Overclocking has become one of the easiest attempts that users have started relying on for a long time, as the new breaking frequencies help us achieve a frame rate higher than the rate we can get while playing at the industrial speeds. However, we do not recommend overclocking you unless you are sufficiently familiar with the requirements and risks of overclocking. It is worth noting that the process of overclocking the central processor also deserves to be looked at and addressed in the event that the central processor supports overclocking, as it sometimes results in superior results that may exceed the results we get from breaking the speed of the graphics card, and the reason is mainly due to the method and method of programming games While developing it.

5- Activate the graphic card mode to work at its maximum possible power

Graphics cards come with a default mode to work with moderate energy consumption rates, in order to save high electricity expenditures and reduce the percentage of excess power that the graphics processor consumes in idle situations and during light work, as most NVIDIA cards come with a default setting for the optimal power mode and this It results in a reduction in the value of the frequency speeds of the graphics processor and video memory and the voltage required by them, and this in turn imposes a decrease in the performance of the graphic processing in some games. Therefore, the best solution may be to set the working mode to maximum power through the Nvidia Control Panel settings interface, this modification may significantly help with laptop computers while playing games.

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