Cooling methods for the computer and how to choose what suits you?

We all know that the computer, if it is a desktop or laptop device, then it needs cooling in order to work, and to be clear it needs great cooling. With the development of computers in our time, computers need new and more advanced methods of cooling and this is what we will talk about in this post, as the high degree of The temperature of the computer or the temperature of the laptop always leads to big problems, and therefore you must choose the appropriate cooling method for you in order to keep your device in good condition and no problems with performance occur. Many of us when opening the case, we find on the processor a small fan used for cooling, and we will talk about cooling methods in order through the following lines.

The first method

A small aluminum cooler is placed on top of the pieces that emit high heat in the motherboard and I think that all computer users have seen it, but the question here remains that this piece of iron, how do you cool? Let me answer this question that this piece is manufactured in a way as it is a problem in the form of bifurcated columns where the air enters through them as it rotates in the bag, and it in turn draws heat from the processor and exits it to the top (of course this method is no longer used for processors today, but it is used for some Pieces in the motherboard).

The second method

This method is sure that you know it if you are a regular user of the computer or an advanced, this method is good for you if you are a regular user or not one of my favorite Overclocking, then you definitely use fan cooling, and to be honest, it is very effective and cheap as well and comes free with most processors and gives you good efficiency It does not emit very loud sound (if you do not intend to do something crazy in the computer) and is easy to install and can be installed on any motherboard without interfering with any other component in the computer, this method is the most common in computers today.

The third method

Aluminum cooler, but with a large size and more evacuated to allow more air circulation, and when you use this option, you can use large and modified fans to get stronger performance, or you can use the cooler separately to get a computer devoid of any sound, but the biggest disadvantage of this cooler is that you often will not You can use it if you haven’t bought a computer that can adjust the cooling because it will most likely interfere with the rest of the parts in your computer and remember if you installed this cooler, make sure that you have fans for the bag to get a better experience and stronger cooling and more air entering through the cooler and this solution is considered the cheapest Its kind when it comes to comparison in terms of noise.

Fourth method

This option is one of the most important reasons for writing this post because of the lack of information among users about liquid cooling, this option is more common among owners of gaming devices or highly professional design devices, water cooling is one of the latest methods of cooling as it relies on the principle of passing water over the processor and re-cooling it The principle of work of reditor is very simple as you connect the tank to the cooler in a circular motion, but buying it is not an easy thing because you will find yourself in front of a very wide choice of coolers and pumps with different speeds and multiple sizes, this option comes with many benefits as the coolant is connected far from the processor, which makes Connecting it is very easy. Usually the pump and tank come on top of the processor and the tubes are extended to the coolant that can be placed on the bag, not to mention that it does not make a final sound. It is a very good and excellent option when comparing the types of cooling in terms of noise, and your options are also open in using fans where you have become More room in fans and their speeds.

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