Corning reaches the final stages of producing protective glass for foldable phones

It seems that the protection of foldable phones will take a new curve during the next year 2021, as the American company Corning, known for producing Gorilla Glass, has reached the final stages of the process of developing a folding protection glass to be available for foldable phones during the next year.

Corning’s move will put a strong competition to the German company Schott, which has previously developed glass for foldable phones.

Samsung controls the folding phone market by producing a number of phones last year and its predecessor as the first company in the world, and is preparing to launch at least three new phones during 2021, which enhances the possibility of its cooperation with Corning in the future, especially as it cooperates with the company on its flagship phones. The previous is long years ago.

Previously, Samsung collaborated this year with Schott exclusively to produce an ultra-thin glass layer for its foldable phones.

But with Corning as a developer of ultra-thin glass to protect foldable phones, that could change as the US company is its supplier.

It is noteworthy that another company called Dowoo Insys is also working on developing ultra-thin folding glass for smartphones, and is using Corning glass for this task, so that the technology for transforming OLED screens to fully protected folding screens is achieved.

Samsung is owned by Dowoo Insys, so next year there will be great competition for it to choose the most suitable glass for foldable phones.

If Dowoo Insys develops foldable OLED screens with Corning Glass, they could be the main provider for all businesses in the future.

But at least Schott will continue to provide Samsung with foldable glass for the next period, especially since there is an exclusive 3-year contract between them.


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