Corning unveils protective glass for phone cameras

Corning has always been producing smart phone protection glass for various companies, whether for the screen or the back of the phone, but despite that it was not able to provide protection glass for camera lenses in phones during the past years, and the cameras were protected with less strong glass because Gorilla Glass did not provide enough transparency to pass The light is for the lenses and the photographic quality remains the same.

But the company has now ended this matter, and announced Gorilla Glass protection glass for smartphone cameras, so that the cameras have the same strength and hardness against shocks and scratches, as is the case with the rest of the areas protected by this glass in the phone. This is done in the DX and DX+ categories.

Samsung, which sits on the throne of smartphone manufacturers, will be the first to benefit from the new protection glass and we may see it with the upcoming foldable phones for external cameras – Samsung will announce it on August 11 at its annual Galaxy Unpacked conference.

Corning says that the DX and DX+ glass capture 98 of the light in place and pass 92 of that to the camera lens, which means clear images with fewer reflections on internal lenses, thus reducing image noise.

Many companies are cooperating with other manufacturers such as Sony and Vivo, which are cooperating with Zeiss to reduce reflections and distortion in phone cameras, but with Corning reaching this development, companies will certainly take advantage of their technology as long as they use Gorilla Glass to protect the screens of their phones.

The difference between the DX and DX+ is that the latter is more resistant to shocks and scratches, as the company refers to its ability to resist scratches and bumps with a strength similar to that provided by blue sapphire.

It is noteworthy that Gorilla Glass protection of all kinds is available on more than 8 billion devices for more than 66 brands around the world.


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