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The cut in the iPhone screen is there to stay for an additional two years

Apple revealed to the world a few days ago that it is going to officially unveil the iPhone 12 Series lineup on the 13th of this October. Rumors have been quiet about the notch aspect of the upper-middle portion of the screen, leading to the assumption that the iPhone 12 Series lineup will retain the wide notch that has been part of the screen in the past three years.

A famous leaker revealed on Twitter that the parts will be present not only in the iPhone 12 Series, but also in the upcoming iPhone 13 Series lineup next year, although it will be slightly smaller in 2021.

We know it’s too early to make such predictions about a phone that is expected to arrive in at least 12 months, but Ice Universe has always been reliable in the past and provided insider information that ultimately turned out to be honest.

Apple is clearly not impressed with the punch-hole fashion other companies have adopted and will stick more with Face ID. It is clear that Apple is betting on the current design it uses in its smartphones and has not adopted other solutions such as the wide hole that contains all the elements of facial recognition technology, which can be found currently in Huawei’s flagship phones.

We doubt that Apple will continue to use this cut until the front cameras integrated under the screen become the dominant one, as it is still a rare feature that it can be found in only one smartphone sold in one market.


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