A video showing the dismantling of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra phone

Xiaomi presented the Mi 10 Ultra as the first version that supports 120W fast charging technology, which comes to the Chinese market exclusively now, and today a video clip was monitored on the YouTube network of the process of dismantling this version, which reviewed more details about the phone.

Mi 10 Ultra-1

Xiaomi has published an official video in which it also reviews the disassembly process of the phone in precise details, showing the phone’s configurations, as the video took two minutes to complete the dismantling process.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra teardown

Initially, the Mi 10 Ultra’s back panel, which includes an NFC chip and a 50W wireless charging file, is removed from Xiaomi and supports charging the phone from zero to 100% within 40 minutes. The phone’s 4500 mAh battery with dual cells also supports charging technology. Rapid in 23 minutes.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra teardown-1

Also, after removing the decorative tools in the design of the camera, the rear camera sensors appear on the back of the lenses, where the light bends through a prism in the periscope camera to transfer to the 48 mega-pixel Sony IMX586 sensor.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra teardown-2

The video clip also reviews the cooling system in the Mi 10 Ultra, which includes graphene and copper for memory chips, processor, storage capacity, as well as a modem chip, and the cooling system includes an additional graphene sheet integrated with a copper heatsink and vapor below the front panel, with an additional high conductivity film between The fingerprint sensor and the OLED screen support heat reduction in the screen.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra teardown-3

The video also confirmed the presence of an X-axis vibration motor that comes under the battery, and the earphone works as a second audio speaker to support stereo sound. These configurations also support a Gorilla Glass 5 panel to protect the front of the phone, and a Gorilla Glass 6 panel on the back, and Xiaomi is scheduled to start selling the phone in the Chinese market on August 21 at a price of $ 760.

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