Epic Games is suing Apple and Google to remove Fortnite from app stores

Epic Games filed a lawsuit against Apple and Google as a result of removing the Fortnite game from the Apple App Store and also the Google Play Store.

Both Google and Apple decided to block the Fortnite game from the Apple App Store and also the Google Play Store, as a result of the game’s violation of the privacy policy according to the statements of Apple and Google, after Epic Games added a new payment option in the game via Epic Direct Payment, prompting Epic Games to file a lawsuit accusing Through which both Apple and Google put restrictions on competition.



Epic Games announced a new payment method that entered the game, which is known as “Epic Direct Payment” only days ago, and it is a payment system that skips Apple’s payment system, as well as Google Play’s in-app payment system.

The payment system for both Apple and Google requires Epic Direct Payment to set aside a fee of 30% of the company’s sales in the game.

It is also decided that users will have another choice to get the Fortnite game on the Android platform by downloading APK files, which were previously available as a result of blocking the game from Google Play for its incompatibility with the privacy and protection programs of the Google Play Store.

On the other hand, users of the game on the iOS platform will not have another choice after removing the game from the Apple App Store, so users will not have a choice to install the game or get new updates.

It is noteworthy that Apple is already facing lawsuits for monopoly and preventing competition as a result of the restrictions imposed by the company in the application store, and the case also does not differ with Google, which faces a lawsuit from Epic Games as a result of the restrictions imposed in Google Play.

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