Epic Games wins its lawsuit against Apple

The court responsible for the case of Apple and its counterpart Epic Games regarding the App Store, issued a final decision in favor of the latter after months of dispute.

The court ordered Apple to allow developers to use their payment systems and gateways to process payments and not to force them to pay through the App Store system, which obliges developers to pay 30% of the value of subscriptions to Apple in return for the service it provides to developers.

The judge who decided the case said that Apple violated California’s competition law, which caused a dispute and entered into trials between it and Epic Games, which rejected the strict application store laws against developers, and Apple deducted 30% of the value of users’ purchases of its games, foremost of which is Fortnite.

In the same context, the court indicated that Apple did not violate the antitrust law, despite issuing a ruling that forces the company to provide external payment gateways to developers and not oblige them to pay through the App Store.

Today’s final ruling stipulates that Epic Games must pay Apple $3.65 million – 30% of the value of the first Fortnite game made on iOS between August and October 2020, during which period it generated $12.2 million in revenue.

Under the results of today’s ruling, Apple will have the opportunity to appeal the trial decision within 90 days from now or comply with the court’s decision.

The fallout from the Apple and Epic Games case

Today’s ruling is a strong step to allow developers more freedom to accept payments and avoid giving 30% of their value to Apple, and a heavy blow to the other party as it insists on forcing developers to strict laws.

It is noteworthy that Google had forced developers to pay 30% of revenue through the Play Store in exchange for the presence of applications such as Fortnite on it, but because Android allowed to download applications from places other than the official store, companies such as Epic Games urged users to download an Android application through its site, But it was not able to do this with Apple because of the inability to download any application on the iPhone from outside the store.

Apple had suspended the Epic Games account for developers and deleted its applications, including the Foutnite application, due to the company setting an external payment gateway to avoid paying 30% in favor of the App Store, so that the latter filed a lawsuit against it because of this step, to end now with a ruling that allows developers to place external payment gateways on their applications on iOS.

This decision, in the event of its final adoption, will help dozens of other large developers such as Netflix to return to the App Store and benefit from millions of additional dollars, at a time when Apple will lose these millions because of its inability to deduct any percentage of them.


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