Facebook is experimenting with placing ads in the form of posters in the stories

Facebook announced that it is currently testing a new ad feature to show ads in the form of stickers in stories in a move that seeks to help content creators generate income from what they publish.

The feature provides an opportunity for some content creators to choose specific ads and place them in the form of posters in their stories, and then they will get a certain percentage of users’ interaction with these ads, similar to the ads that appear in the video or those that appear on YouTube.

On the same side, Facebook allowed ads to appear on short videos on its platform, after it was available on videos that exceed a duration of 3 minutes, which means that content creators will find new ways to monetize their content.

Content creators will be able to use ads of up to 30 seconds in videos with a duration of one to three minutes, while they will be able to use ads of up to 45 seconds in videos that are longer than three minutes; It is a shorter time than before, as it used to allow ads of up to a minute’s duration.

The ability to display ads on short videos will be available for pages subject to certain conditions; Like, they reached 600,000 minutes of content views in the last 60 days by posting at least 5 videos in the same period. As for the owners of live broadcasts, they must have more than 60,000 minutes of watch minutes to be able to show ads.


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