Facebook launches audio room service and podcasts

Facebook has officially launched the Live Audio Rooms service, simulating the Club House app, in conjunction with the launch of the podcast service on its parent platform as part of its plan to enhance content sharing on the network.

The Live Audio Rooms service provides users with the ability to broadcast audio content with the audience’s participation in audio rooms similar to what is provided by the Club House or Twitter application within the Twitter Spaces feature, where content makers can start broadcasting and users can share this broadcast as listeners or speakers with up to 50 speakers at the same time. This depends on the owner of the broadcast and his desire for participants.

Facebook will initially provide this feature for pages that are documented and have not had any previous violations to ensure that they are running in a good way in line with the privacy policy before expanding, as it is difficult to monitor this type of content as it is a live broadcast, and it will allow audio broadcasters to control participants and delete or mute them to maintain an environment broadcasting. The feature will also be available for groups, where anyone can listen to broadcasts in public groups, while only members of private groups can listen to broadcasts.

Of course, Facebook, as with most other features, will send notifications to friends if anyone enters an audio room, which is a way through which it seeks to promote the feature and reach the largest number of users quickly.

The company will also provide audio content makers through the Live Audio Rooms feature the opportunity to obtain financial support, by purchasing users and gifting them to “stars” during the broadcast, and then transferring them to sums of money in return.

On the other hand, the company has added a podcast service within its application to allow users to listen to favorite podcast episodes supported on the platform while using the application and without the need for another application.


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