Facebook technology will be able to simulate handwriting

Although it is difficult to accurately imitate anyone’s handwriting in the world, and some people have the ability to imitate the writing of others through years of training and skill, Facebook wants to make it possible for everyone through its artificial intelligence techniques.

And Facebook announced on its website a project called TextStyleBrush that simulates a person’s handwriting by recognizing just one word in a phone photo; Meaning that the technology works to extract any hand-written word from the images and then works to apply the method of writing it to all other letters and words to write in a similar way.

Perhaps this technology can be talked about as a “deep fake”, but for texts and not for photos and videos, whereby anyone can simulate the handwriting and movement of his hand through artificial intelligence and without much trouble.

It is noteworthy that this technology is still in its early stages, and therefore it is not possible to talk about mastering the simulation of handwriting completely, but it nevertheless represents an important leap in this field compared to the old techniques and attempts to do the same task.

While this is a major step in the field and can help with positive purposes such as simulating ancient texts or reviving the writings of some of the late writers, the downside of using the technology would be very broad for purposes such as forgery.


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