Facebook’s smartwatch may arrive next year

New press reports spoke of Facebook’s intention to launch its first smart watch next year 2022, to be a new step for it in the electronic devices sector after launching devices such as Portal and reality glasses through its brand, Oculus.

Reports say that the upcoming smart watch may carry two cameras that can be separated from the frame and screen of the watch, thus allowing them to take pictures and videos in different situations and conditions, which means enhancing the ways for users to share pictures on its application services, including Instagram, which accepts uploading pictures since its launch in 2010 via phones. Smart only – but it is on its way to provide the feature to users across the web.

The Facebook smart watch, according to The Verge, will carry a camera for video calls and a main camera for 1080p, and there will be accessories that allow detachable watch cameras to be attached to it, thus providing the ability to take pictures remotely.

As with other smart watches, it is expected that the Facebook watch will arrive with a heart rate sensor at the bottom, with LTE connectivity technology support, which means that there is no need to link the watch with a smartphone to take advantage of its features or access the Internet, as it can be operated entirely by itself.

The social networking giant has invested about a billion dollars to develop its smart watches, which are expected to be seen mostly next year.

It is indicated that the next watch may come at a price ranging around $400.


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