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Features in iOS 14 will change the way you use the iPhone

Apple had made available the public beta version of iOS 14, which comes with a large number of updates and features that will change the way you use the iPhone as soon as the new operating system arrives, which is expected this fall, and if you cannot wait, you can read this article because we will review 6 features in iOS 14 that will change the way you use the iPhone.

Make a crown to someone in a conversation

The upcoming updates in iOS 14 for the Messages app, focus mainly on group iMessage conversations, where you can now make a crown or tag someone in a conversation in order to draw his attention and are useful in group conversations that include a large number of participants. Respond directly to a message or create a thread within your conversation in order to help gain their attention and speed their response in a timely manner.

How to do it: By placing an @ sign to create a crown for the person next to his name. The inline reply can also be used by clicking on a message and then choosing to reply to it.

Pin a conversation to the top of messages

With the new iPhone OS, you can pin a conversation to the top of the iMessage app so that you don’t have to scroll through a long list of conversations to find the chat you want or even reach a specific contact in large group conversations.

How to do it: You can pin a contact or conversation at the top of your chat list by swiping to the right on any conversation, a pin button will appear so that you can access your conversation or your favorite contact very easily and quickly.

Built-in translation app

Instead of relying on the Google Translate app every time you have to translate something on your iPhone, iOS 14 includes a built-in translation app that allows you to convert text and even have conversations with someone who speaks a different language. You can translate English, Chinese, Mandarin, French, German and Arabic. Japanese, Korean, Italian, Portuguese and Russian.

How to do it: When you open the translation application, you will have two options, write the word or phrase you want to translate, or click on the mic icon at the bottom of the screen to convert the voice to text and once you are done, the application will translate it into the language of your choice.

More organized apps library

Many iPhone users wanted to have a drawer for applications as is the case with Android phones, and it is now real for iPhone users with the App Library, which comes with the new operating system iOS 14 and works on arranging and collecting the applications in the device automatically, and perhaps the purpose of the library Applications, facilitate finding all the applications installed on the iPhone device.

How to do it: You can rely on the application library when you want to open an application that is not on the main device screen, and to access it swipe from the right side to the left until you reach the last page of the screen and there in the application library you will find all the applications sorted and classified into categories that change according to your use of each Implementation.

Also, you will find a folder for suggestions, which is for applications that you may search for based on time, your use of them, and activity, and another folder for the latest additions and shows what recently launched applications, and moreover there is a search bar at the top of the library to help you find a specific application.


Android phones may have preceded the iPhone devices in terms of widgets or widgets, but Apple introduced them in the new operating system in a more sophisticated way, where you can place more than one widget in one place and in multiple sizes and there is the Smart Stack tool that displays the applications to the user. Automatically according to a specific time of the day.

How to do it: You can display the user interface elements from the left side of the main screen of the device, or you can drag and drop the widget application to your home screen or when you edit the application, click the + sign in the upper left corner of the screen and the widgets gallery will appear and then you can see which widgets are They can be added to your device.

Picture in picture

Now you can continue watching a video while continuing to use any other application on the iPhone, thanks to the picture-in-picture feature in the new iOS 14 operating system.

How to do it: When you want to do something else besides watching a video, you need to reduce the size of the video easily and then do what you want on the iPhone main screen at the same time, and you can move the location of the floating window to the video clip by dragging, reducing and enlarging the size smoothly and when you are finished From the video with a quick click it closes.

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