Easy and fast ways to send large files over the Internet

The issue of sending files over the Internet between people is one of the very tiring and boring matters that users always strive to avoid due to the troubles you present, but it is not safe that you will one day in your work or study send a large number of files and we have already touched on Computer World Blog about the most important applications that help you transfer a lot of files from one person to another “The fastest innovative ways to transfer files from the phone to the computer”, but that was without the Internet, as for our conversation today in this article is focused on the most important methods that enable you to send a large number of Files online without experiencing problems.

1- Volafile

If you are looking for a platform through which to send a large number of files to your friends or employees via the Internet in one go, Volafile is your ideal choice because this platform enables you to send more than 5 GB and also gives you the time spent in the transmission process specifically, and it also allows you to send the file For several people at one time, this will definitely save you a lot of time and effort, especially if you work for a company:

And in order to start using the platform, you will click on Create a room to start creating a group chat, then an interface will appear to you as in the following image containing a link and this is the link that you will give to whom you want to send files to, and you will also find in it the word Upload which is to upload the files that you will send, and Then you only have to share the link, and then your friends will be able to download the files simultaneously without logging in or something like that.

2- pCloud Transfer

The second method that you can use to send many large-sized files is by using the pCloud Transfer platform, which in turn provides you with a direct download link for your files and allows you to upload up to 5 GB of files, the interface of this platform is very simple, you only have to upload the file To be sent, by clicking on add files, then the site will ask you to enter your e-mail, and in this field you can write any mail because it is not important, while in the other field you will be asked to enter your friend’s e-mail so that the link is sent to him and after you complete this Steps are to click on send file, then a message will arrive to the mail you entered with a link, and once you click on it, the attached file will automatically download.

3- AeroAdmin

This is not a platform, but it is a program through which you can send multiple files between anyone who is connected to the Internet in the world, but first the recipient must have the same program on his computer and you can download it from the official website that will open with you in this way, just what you have to do By clicking on Download to start downloading the program and the same thing with your friend, after that you will open the program in the following form and automatically the program will give you an IP number. Famous Tim Viewer.

4- Send Anywhere

This service is considered one of the long-standing file sending services that allow you to send up to 10 GB, and in multiple ways, either via e-mail or by creating a direct download link, and in order to start using it, you just have to click on the + sign to start uploading the file you want to send after that You choose the method from an email or direct link.

5- Firefox Send

Firefox is not limited to the browser, but it has a platform through which you can easily send files, and the beautiful thing about this platform, which distinguishes it somewhat from the rest of the methods is that after downloading the uploaded file it is deleted from the platform automatically, and the platform allows you to send up to 1 GB Without logging in to the site, if you log in, it gives you up to 2.5 GB.

6- MediaFire

Everyone knows about this platform, but since we talked about sending files, this is considered one of the oldest platforms that provide this service. It is also characterized by the fact that it supports direct download without ads in addition to that it enables you to upload up to 10 GB and then share the link. After entering the platform, you only have to You click on the “Upload File Now” option. After that, you will get a link that you can share with your friends, but the platform also provides you with the ability to make a monthly subscription of $ 3.5 and gives you in return for that up to 20 GB.

7- mailbigfile

The latter gives you to upload files up to 2 MB in the free version, while you can make a monthly subscription and it varies according to what you want. There is a $ 12 subscription that gives you uploading and storing up to 20 GB. Like any platform we have explained, you will go to the site and upload the file and after That is, you get a permanent link for 10 days, after which the file is not present on the site, and this will benefit those who send important and confidential files.

8- DropSend

It does not differ much from other platforms, as it offers you the service by raising a maximum of 4 GB, and the number can be doubled for a monthly subscription of $ 9, and as I told you on other platforms, you only have to upload the file and get the link through which you can download the file directly without ads .

9- WeTransfer

The last site we will use is WeTransfer, which allows you to send a file that does not exceed 2 GB, and as with any other platform, you can share a monthly value of $ 12 and get more space, and the platform allows you to share the file via direct and permanent links, meaning that the file remains on the site.

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