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Future Games Event Summary

The Future Games Show ended a few hours ago, and the truth surprised me. I did not expect it to be this long, as it reached almost two hours, and I did not expect that it would show more than one clip of the gameplay for many of the upcoming AAA titles this year, including clips that literally work on generation platforms. New, in addition to news about new games coming for the next generation platforms, too, to surpass Gamescom in my opinion, so what are we waiting for? Let me give you a summary of the most prominent titles that have been shown.

Future Games

Die By The Blade

The pride of the Slovak industry, a game of the fighting type which is similar to Mortal Kombat, but the idea is that you play with a samurai warrior using multiple types of Japanese or Western weapons against another warrior, and the idea is that you almost die from one blow, whether in the abdomen or the head, and here the excitement feeling will be greater in Fighting with more focus because one mistake will cost you a lot ..

BPM: Bullets Per Minute

Literally a carbon replica and a mix of Metal Hellsinger, which was released later with Doom, BPM combines unstoppable first-person action from Doom with music like Metal Hellsinger, generally releasing September 15 for the PC and 2021 for home consoles.

Lords of The Ring Gollum

Lords of The Ring game has returned with a new presentation that revealed some of the concept art of the game and we learned that we can use Gollum to stealth, solve puzzles, jump challenges, and an amazing Parkour system with multiple options in the dialogues and a very deep story that will reveal to us more about the Gollum character when the game releases On the current and future generation, whether PS5, Xbox Series X and PC, in the latest 2021.

Song of Horror

A game of the type of horror, excitement and suspense thrill, in which you control more than one character to save Daniel from his fate, which he signed when he opened a cursed music box, the game is literally amazing and I can assure that it will succeed very much, especially with the present affected by your decisions to remind me somewhat of Man of Medan Cinematically, the game will be released for the current generation on October 29 and is currently available on Steam.

Mafia Definitive Edition

Hangar 13 showed us a lot more details than Gamescom offered about the story of the game and the style of play, as we saw her already working on a quick mission, which is an excellent thing. In fact, I was dazzled by the sweeping changes Hangar 13 made in dialogs, scenes and story to really impressive graphics.

Marvel’s Avengers

A new trailer from Marvel’s Avengers has been shown in which the developer explains War zone functions and co-op play in the best way.

Cris Tales

Almost the first Indie show, the game releases for the Nintendo Switch, the PC and the current and next generation platforms, the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Watchdogs Legion

The Future Games Show has a lot of surprises in store for us, as it showed us a gameplay clip from Watchdogs Legion from Ubisoft showing us how to include any NPC in the London world to stand in the ranks of Deadsec and as you know, you can literally control any NPC in the Watchdogs Legion game Anyone you will be able to play with when he joins Deadsec, but on condition that you do him a favor first, which is what we see today in the show.

Sherry’s character has excellent abilities such as the ability to take out a torrent of bees with nanotechnology to attack the enemies and thus is considered an important character Deadsec wants to attract and after a quick conversation, we understand that Sherry is a scientist and her research papers have been stolen by her boss at work and here we offer her to obtain them and destroy them in exchange for her joining For the team.

You can engage in any mission in Watchdogs Legion the way you want entirely, either stealthily, either by entering with lethal weapons or using piracy abilities, of course, which is the most interesting. Shroud, a hologram technique that hides the enemies that you dropped and mixes them with the nature of the place so that the rest of their colleagues do not feel anything and thus do not reveal you.

You will be able to travel in the London map via the Tube, the metro, or through Fast Travel or by driving, which highlighted the beauty of the world of Watchdogs Legion.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

We haven’t heard anything for a while about Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and here we are, as Ubisoft showed us a new section of the gameplay that focused on the legendary story element, whether from monsters or characters that we might bump into while we play and we started the show with an epic fight with the Black Shunk, which is one of the mythical monsters that The British believed that they were found in dark places and simply were huge types of black dogs that could pose a fair danger to Eivor and in general this belief still existed until recently in the English countryside and whoever read the novel The Baskerville Family Dog by Sherlock Holmes might understand me here because we are talking. About the same data ..

We saw Eivor fight Regan, one of three girls who are the daughters of Lyrion, a man who was wronged for some reason in the past, and his daughters try to defend his legacy, and the truth is that their story is a bit strange, finally we see Eivor fighting one of the six warriors who lost their king and want to die with honor in a strong fight you have to give them You him ..

Generally, Darby McDevitt says that all of these missions will not be referred to, and the player will have to explore the world around him in detail to reach the locations of those stories himself as a greater way so that the player does not feel that the game is pressing on him, for example.

Quantum Error

Teamkill Media has revealed to us our first Quantum Error gameplay clip, a breath-taking action horror game, officially running on PS5 in 4K resolution and 60 frames as well.

Our information about the game’s story is a bit scarce as you play as a firefighter Jacob Thomas receiving a call to save the rest of his colleagues in the profession who are caught in a huge fire of a mysterious building and there things take a strange turn and a breathtaking horror environment reminds me of three games mixed with each other and they are Alien Isolation in the dark side Which you do not know where the enemy will attack you from him with the game Prey in the factor of mystery and the game that you do not understand anything even after seeing it and finally the game Dead Space, but it is somewhat less than it in the bloody.

It is assumed that the story of the game is related to space, the planets with the presence of aliens, strange in shape and concept, but you are armed with some weapons such as the Minigun, the Shotgun, which is similar to the game Prey in the way it explains the exact shot counter just as Melee fighting is with an ax and it seems that the interaction with the elements of nature will be greater So we see our hero extinguishing a fire with the extinguisher as well as opening the doors with a specific tool, and we notice here the door’s resistance to it, which means that the Dualsense may play an important role here in enhancing that sense of resistance, or so I think.

We also notice the presence of a tool that enables our hero to track or capture the thermal radiation of enemies in the midst of darkness, which gave me a greater sense of excitement, but we still do not understand the significance of the game and the amazing thing is to fight the leader in the end, which I did not understand the cause of the explosion in it originally, but it is clear that the psychological character may have Role and as you can see in today’s show, the game works on 60 frames very smoothly and at 4K resolution as well.

Crash Bandicoot 4 It’s About Time

Nothing new was mentioned about Crash 4, only a confirmation of the type of retro missions that the game offers recently that take place before Crash 1 in the first place.

Serious Sam 4

Finally, Serious Sam 4 was revealed after all this time and we got a new clip that explained to us the most fun fighting, especially when you are inside the machine or the Mech and topple anyone in front of you with endless chaos, the game is released on PC and Stadia on September 24th Next.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter 1

We learned this time that the island where the game will take place will contain a lot of archaeological areas, secrets and mysteries enough for Sherlock to reveal him as he returns to his hometown on an island in the Mediterranean to solve the complex case of his mother’s death in a city that may be outwardly beautiful but full of internal corruption and you have to It engages between the different categories and nationalities of the different characters on the island in innovative ways to reach your goal. The game will be released in 2021 for the current and next generation and the PC.

Call of The Sea
A very quiet game in which you control the character of a woman who begins to search for her husband, who has disappeared in very mysterious circumstances with the rest of the exploration expedition, of which he was a member on a secluded island, and it seems that our game has a somewhat psychological character with a distinct variety in the playing environment, the game is issued to Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC at the end of this year.

In Sound Mind

An exciting and mysterious game as well, but it has a different character and may highlight the psychological character, but it looks distinctive in its way without a doubt, it is released in the first 2020 for PC and the next generation platforms only PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Second Extinction

It is the conquest of mutant dinosaurs and now you have to save humanity, this is the content of Second Extinction, which today focused on its Apex engine, which will support it with great detail and very realistic physics, the game enters early access stage next month on the PC and then it will be released later for Xbox One and Xbox Series X in this year.

Bright Memory Infinite

This crazy game, designed by only one person, returns again, and this time the show focused on highlighting the main character, who is considered a young girl mastering the sword and weapon and seems to be traveling through time, the game is literally a masterpiece and highlights the strength of the next generation, starting from the atmosphere to fight, to the rapid movement of the hook And more, the game is released for Xbox Series X at an unknown time.

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