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Future technologies that you must know before purchasing a new laptop

Let us review some of the technologies that I think will be the future and you should get to know them now. I am not telling you that your next laptop contains all these technologies because the price may not allow you to do so, but know them because they are the future and if one of them interests you, I advise you to get On it in your next device because it’s the future.

Certainly, these things and technologies in laptops may raise the price of the laptop and thus go beyond your budget, but I am proposing it because it will become a key factor in laptops in the future.

Hard NVMe

Over many topics years ago, we have extensively reviewed this hard drive as it is installed directly on the motherboard via the M.2 port, and this hard drive supports ultra-fast speeds, which is an evolution of the SSD that is installed via a SATA cable. Therefore, I recommend desktop computer users to do By obtaining this hard disk and installing Windows on it to reach fabulous speeds in the operation, processing and transfer of data, this hard disk greatly affects the speed of Windows, especially the speed of Windows boot.

I recently had the opportunity to try this hard drive on modern laptops from Asus, and it affects the performance, so that Windows starts up in 3 seconds, so I think that this is not a simple or easy thing in a laptop, and here I am talking about operating a laptop out of nowhere and downloading all files Windows, not the laptop from Sleep mode! Based on my experience, I advise everyone to get a laptop containing an NVMe hard drive because the experience is completely different and radically different from any laptop that contains an HDD or even an SSD, and the difference will be in the speed of Windows boot / in the speed of Windows in general and dealing with it / the speed of installing programs on the hard drive The speed of programs booting from the hard disk and other factors that directly affect the speed of the laptop in general.

Thunderbolt 3 port

Thunderbolt 3 port is capable of transferring data at a speed of 40 Gbps, which makes it the future and thus is available in your laptop. This means that you have in your laptop the fastest data transfer port, which makes it able to run an external graphics card on the laptop or connect one of the storage media that supports this port and thus Getting a fabulous data transfer speed and also connecting more than one 4K screen at the same time, because of the high speed of this port you will be able to run everything through it at the same time and get the best performance.

Certainly, although this port is not used in the current situation due to the very high cost of getting a laptop that supports this port in addition to cable and other accessories to run it, but here I am talking about the near future that requires it.

Even Asus announced new revolutionary laptops with support for the Thunderbolt 4 port, which is the latest version and supports faster speeds, so the future has many technologies in store for us.

Wi-Fi 6 support

I didn’t expect that there was a big difference between Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 5 until I did the experiment, I have a room in the house at the far end of the house and I can’t pick up a Wi-Fi signal with only a weak, unsteady signal that breaks off periodically, but when I tried the ROG laptop Zephyrus G14, which supports Wi-Fi 6, was able to get a stable signal and fast internet in this room, so I think that device support for this technology is an important matter in the future and it may be relied upon not only in laptops but also in phones as well, and indeed the iPhone 11 contains this technology And many other modern phones, so getting a laptop that contains this technology is very important for the future.

Face Recognition

At the beginning and before experimenting with this technology, my impression was that it was worthless and had no significance, but after trying it on several Asus laptops, my viewpoint differed completely, so let me tell you that your laptop supports Face Recognition is a very beautiful thing which can only be by being The laptop camera mainly supports this feature. Where you can just turn on the laptop and as soon as the laptop sees your face and recognizes you, it opens the device directly without a fingerprint or even entering a Windows code, and this is like what happens with modern phones on the iPhone or Android, which you can access through Face ID.

Some may see that this technology is worthless and does not add anything new, but through its use, I think that it is beautiful and represents the future in laptops just as the future was a few years ago for phones.

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