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Galaxy M21 and Galaxy M31 receive full Samsung One UI 2.1 update

Earlier this month, Samsung released the Samsung One UI 2.1 update for the Galaxy M31 phone, but this update did not bring with it a set of new features such as Single Take, but this has changed now after Samsung issued another update for the phone with the build number M315FXXU2ATIB It brings with it the Single Take, Night Hyperlapse, and My Filter features that allow you to create custom filters, to the phone. Moreover, Samsung has also issued a full Samsung One UI 2.1 update for the Galaxy M21, also noting that this update carries the architecture number M215FXXU2ATI9 with a size of 1.2GB.

These new updates from Samsung also bring with them the September security fixes for both phones. According to initial comments, the Music Share and Quick Share features that are part of the Samsung One UI 2.1 update on other Samsung devices, are still nowhere to be found on the Galaxy M21 and Galaxy M31.

Initial reports indicate that these updates are currently available to users in India, but it is assumed that they will reach the rest of the owners of the Galaxy M21 and Galaxy M31 phones in the rest of the regions soon.

This update may take some time before it reaches your phone, but in the event that you cannot wait and are looking for this update in the near future, you can check the availability of this update for your device manually by going to the “Settings” application and going after That is to the option of “About Device”, and then to the option of “System Updates”.

Of course, you can download this update using mobile internet data or using a WiFi network, although we always recommend using a WiFi network when it comes to downloading updates because this prevents you from draining your mobile internet data. Of course, do not forget to backup the contents of your phone to avoid losing your files and data in case things go wrong during the update installation.


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