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Galaxy S9 Series phones receive Samsung One UI 2.5 update

The Galaxy Note 9 gets the Samsung One UI 2.5 update. Samsung has now decided to issue the same update for the Galaxy S9 Series lineup, so that many users have made it clear that they have started receiving the update. However, it should be noted that this is the last big update that the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 + phones will receive.

Samsung One UI 2.5 update to the Galaxy S9 Series lineup brings with it a new user interface, security fixes for October, as well as a host of new features, including Bitmoji Stickers for the Always On Display screen, and the location-sharing feature for the rescue for Messages, as well as On improving the camera app, Samsung Keyboard app, and stabilizing WiFi connection. In addition, this update also brings with it several new features of the camera application, such as the Single Take feature, the variable resolution and the variable frame rate in Pro Mode.

This update is already making its way to a limited number of units, given that it carries the build number G96xFXXUCFTJ2 and has a size of about 1GB, but if everything is in order, this update will be delivered to all units around the world in the next week or two.

As we mentioned before, this update may take some time before it reaches your phone, but in case you cannot wait and are looking to get this update in the near future, you can check the availability of this update for your device manually by going to the Settings application Next, go to the “About Device” option, and then to the “System Updates” option.

Of course, you can download this update using mobile internet data or using a WiFi network, although we always recommend using a WiFi network when it comes to downloading updates because this prevents you from draining your mobile internet data. Of course, do not forget to backup the contents of your phone to avoid losing your files and data in case things get worse during the update installation.


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